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    Quote Originally Posted by Lycefli View Post
    I was expecting it to be around $40, this price seems a little high imho - charging equivalent to a brand new game is pretty off Blizzard. Still, it's a luxury for those wanting to see new content with a new char fast. Leveling is very fast at the moment anyway.
    Blizzard milks their customers at every turn; this price should not be a surprise, coming from them.

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    Oh mother of god.... i love how you minions still cover for master Blizzard, despite the obvious foreshadowing of things to come. "It's not pay to win!" - no no, the fact that you can pay now to skip the leveling process isnt pay to win. It will only get worse. In a few years you can buy gear, gold, and other currency.

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    I have already leveled over 20 toons to 90 out of pure boredom. I am glad it is a little pricey, but now people will think all my toons were bought and paid for just based off logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kektonic View Post
    Oh so you're just one of the old bitter ex-wow players whose life is so empty they have to keep coming to a WoW fansite to complain about how they care so much about a game they don't play anymore?

    Good to know.
    I still play on and off. Right now, I'm on an off-phase. The way things are going, it might last longer than the others.

    People can still have a vested interest in things which they no longer participate. It's not an impossibility. At least someone like me cares about the quality of the game and the effects on the community, unlike people like you and the others who post "good riddance" to anyone leaving WoW or with any complaints. That's a great way to make sure the game strives and continues to expand, rather than stagnates and die.

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    wtf, that's insane

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    I can't wait for "Hold on, don't pull the boss, I'm not done putting my spells on my bar".

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    I'm loving all this rage over the price. The price SHOULD be high enough to make people pause and think "Should I spend the next month or so levelling to 90 the hard way, or spend 4 months of game time to have it now?"

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    Every Player gets with the next expansion a free 90!

    So yes it is a reasonable price: you get one free, but if you want more level or pay somethink for it. But i would really like to see something like a 2 hour-testing-phase where you can play the class and if you don't like it, you can delete it and use the 90-boost on another class.

    Also i don't give anything about it: i have 8 90s, and until WoD I have 11 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Reasonable. Needs to cost more than the expansion.
    Couldn't agree more although personally I think they should up the price to £90 and $90 and €90, make it equal to 1 pound/dollar/euro per level... It'll help push a gap difference between the idea that WoW is becoming free2play/pay2win while still giving people an advantage on boosting alts they're serious about while maintaining life in the zones for those who will/like to level up normally.

    I'm not gonna be bothering myself with the next expansion, happily keeping my Emi at 90 for the foreseeable future unless they do a special offer on Warlords at some point like they have with previous expansions i.e around the £4-£5 mark. There's plenty new mmo's on the horizon with 1 in particular having caught my eye

    Wish nothing but the best to those that will stick with WoW, it was a great game, but after 9yrs I've just seen the game changed too much for my liking any more.

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    Bwahahahah ...

    It's obvious, that they don't really want you to use the feature.

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    This should never had happened.

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    Should be higher!


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    I actually like this price, this way people will actually still level.

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    I like how expensive this is

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    $60? Lol hahahahah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caliph View Post
    non sense. There's such a thing as value and this is no value. The term "ripped off" comes to mind right away. This is worth nothing more than $25 per boost. hopefully people don't buy it and make an outrage over the pricing. Hopefully it's also a placeholder number and is actually much cheaper. if it stays at $60 it's nothing more than a money grab and not something i would use. Because the boost was something i was looking forward to if the price doesn't come down i'm not buying WoD and they'll lose a 10 yr. customer with 3 recurring monthly accounts.

    So yes i don't like it and i won't buy it. i like boost but at a value price. Your generic response is non sense. Try to think of something to add.
    Good bye lol, sadly it need to stay at 60. didnt know lvling 1-90 was so hard, with the amount of things you can use ... you can lvl to 90 in almost 3 days if not a week, gawd thats hard work.

    Those who use this "I gonna leave cuz its too expensive" really come on. makes me lul in real just thought of people saying things like that.

    This boost price is perfect it stops those who sell accounts from overly abusing it, and stops general people from overly abusing it. also stop the Muility boxing (seen lot more of those lately people playing 5 toons at once). ok not stop it but put it to a lesser dagree
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    Quote Originally Posted by scabobos View Post
    Perfectly reasonable price point. It costs $30 to change ur damn race, what did you expect? 1-90 takes a week of my time at the very least... I'd pay this if I really wanted a lvl 90 of something.
    Wait, seriously? They charge $30 for race changes?!? Wow...people pay it too...amazing.

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    So this is what World of Warcraft the game i have loved for 6 years is turning into...... I'm disgusted, i have spent 6 years levelling up all my characters and enjoying the game BUT! now you can just spend $60 POOFFFF lvl 90 character be ashamed at what you are becoming =(A pay to win game soon!) THANKS BLIZZARD ITS NICE KNOWING YOU!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zechz View Post
    IKR, it's almost as if they're a business or something /gasp
    Ya blizzard is just a small time company I mean not like they have any BIG game's or some kinda of store to sell stuff at. Now Valve that's that company.
    "We don't need Blizz to nerf the content. We need it to be less terrible." - Totalbiscuit

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    $60 basically guaranteed that no newbie is gonna hit 90. Most people I know don't even learn their class until 90 and mash buttons until then. This was a smart choice their part.

    Now these people in here claiming to "unsub" over the cost are either trolling or stupid (possibly both). It's an optional service, you need an alt that badly and feel that this service is the only way? Threatening to "quit" over the price? Get real. All that says to me is:



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