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    looking good

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    I dig it. Can't wait to see the others.

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    I really like where these are going. I'm anxious to see male Night Elf and Human.

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    Comparing the old with the new... her posture is now WAY better.

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    Every single time they release a new model, I'm impressed - especially with these. I always thought the old orc female looked awful. Just a skinny ditzier version of the male. But seeing these makes me want to roll one. The way it looks like its going I'm going to need a character for every race AND for every sex.

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    Good job, really good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phoenexis View Post
    By far the best model remade in my opinion. It conveys the original feel of the female orc model while improving it to impossible extents. Amazing job!
    Yeah, couldn't agree more, they've done a terrific job with it - really nice.

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    Wait, is Blizzard doing Horde remodeling too? Who could have guessed that?

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    Where'd my blue eyes of destiny face go! It has red eyes now! NOOOOOOOOOOOO.

    Huge improvement over the old one.

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    Facial reminds me of the goblins, but all in all a big improvement over the vanilla model. I like the new model as it makes her look more fierce and yet more feminine at the same time. GG Blizz

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    I like it, the face actually looks great which was my biggest concern. Hell I might switch my rogue back to an Orc female (which was my original, until Belf came out). This and the Dwarf male so far are the most satisfying updates I've seen. I hope we get to see Nelf Female next.
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    By Lieutenant Colonel Whiskers McBallofur Maximilliamus the Third
    So far undead looked the best for me
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    Pretty good.

    Can't wait to see what they will do with human males.
    It's awesome how they are keeping the "feel" of old models, but that's just what I'm scared of for human males.

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    Why do females have eyebrows but not males...?
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    it looks pretty good.... but the face she's making in the lower left corner of the expression pic looks like private pyle from full metal jacket, when he was trying to keep from laughing at sergeant hartman...

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    Very impressive, im loving all the new models tbh.

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    It's not as good as I hoped but they said it's not finished and they haven't show alternate faces (if they are actually doing them) I've always seen my orc female as being more of a street punk girl type. This looks a bit more prision punk girl, still decent though. I miss the back arch though.

    Also shouders seems a little to square and broad for a female compared to her old model.

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    More Horde favoritism. They showed animations with the Orc while only giving the Human a blank face.

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    I'm very impressed by these. I'm really looking forward to the night elves and blood elves.

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    They look fine, but frankly, the more previews I see, the more mystified I am as to how it could possibly take this long. The models look nice, sure, but the amount of work done doesn't leave me very impressed.

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