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    Question What is it about the Blood Elfs and Night Elfs that attracts you to them?

    What is it about the Blood Elfs and Night Elfs that attracts you to them?

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    Elwynn is a human region.
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    I'm confused.
    Why is Elwynn Forest on here? Do you not play wow and are doing some sort of weird study on people's attraction to elves?

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    They have "pure" themes. With the other races, there seems to be more of a mix between nature and construction in their aesthetic themes, whereas the elves have the extremes: Nelves are all about being surrounded by nature, making the least amount of impact possible on their environment. While Belves have magic structures all around, and you can't walk for five feet without stumbling upon a reminder that these people use magic for every single thing they can.

    I always like extremes (in aesthetics, at least) in games. Same with ex. the Telvanni Great House in Morrowind.
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    Also confused as to what Elwynn's doing there. At any rate, I don't have a preference. I like 'em both. I will say the Belfs are a bit too flamboyant. Silvermoon is one of my favorite places to hang out, however.

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    I cannot understand why I put Elwynn there. I'm bit embaressed.

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    I cannot understand why I put Elwynn there. I'm bit embaressed.
    Elves are the gayest thing to grace RPGs.
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    I dont care if they are allowed to donate, but I think we should have an option to refuse gay blood if we need to receive blood.

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    This thread is super something special is something else

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    I like to play blood elf males because they aren't over bulked and brutish like most other races' males are (except undead, gnomes and goblins), especially when playing a caster.
    And I also like their sense for elegance.

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    Blood Elves are neat but I really like the Night Elven lands and also the whole tens of thousands of years of history thing.

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    Elwynn must be listed subconsciously as an ode to the night elf ERPers in your resident Goldshire.

    But in all seriousness, night elves ftw.

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    They are pretty. And since i'm pretty, i choose them. Logic.

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    I don't really care for elves. I'm attracted to them for their +2 to dex and int as well as their racial proficiency with a bow (much easier to play a low level cleric with a long bow, let me tell you). Also, you can't disregard their immunity to sleep magic.

    In WoW though, I don't care for them at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quenden View Post
    Elwynn must be listed subconsciously as an ode to the night elf ERPers in your resident Goldshire.

    But in all seriousness, night elves ftw.
    I guess it happened they are often compared.
    But it's corrected now, you will see Teldrassil now, as it was ment to show.

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    I like their lore; its the most interesting of the playable races in the game. Thats about it.

    Picked nelf because Im a night owl. Night time ftw.

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    What is about night elves that attracts me to them?
    Well, the lore mostly, but there's more. I like that they are in tune with nature and live by taking from the nature what they need and not more. I love that each member has to care for their own and for those in need. I love the strong independent females. I love that they're blue and their ears are funny. They also remind me of cats, I love cats... and they ride cats! Also the shaping of homes and stuff needed from plants and trees and the communion with nature.

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    I'm a Horde player, but Night Elves have always appealed to me more. Blood Elves are awesome, too, though. I love both races' architecture and lore and I always feel like I'm in an actual fantasy world when I go to their zones.

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    I loved playing Night Elves in WC3 and almost all of my custom maps were me with a night elf base against everyone else. When I finally got turned onto WoW in 3.3 I had to make a night elf as my first character (druid) and ever since then every night elf I create is still just as magical. Those first experiences in Shadowglen and Auberdine and Ashenvale have never quite left me.

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    I'm Horde but my first toon ever was a Night Elf druid. I enjoyed playing Night Elves in Warcraft III and loved their background and style of living. I love their lore and since I'm a night person I thought, might as well get one.

    I don't play with my druid much now but she still has a rather big chunk of my heart in her possession.

    Ed: I forgot to mention you get to ride saber kitties. I mean, who wouldn't want that?
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    Blood elf boys are hot.

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