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    Holy Priest going Disc or offset, gear help.

    Hello fellow priests.

    I'd like to post my armory but i can't since i haven't posted enough on this forum.
    So this will have to suffice.

    IGN: Crazyperson
    Realm : Talnivarr

    Now to the main point, i at the moment play holy and i'd like to go disc or at least get a disc offset.
    I raid 25 norm with my guild, they are 13/14 and im only at siegecrafter, cause i joined so late and i've only been playing the game for 2-3 months.
    Either way if there is anything wrong with my holy gear please do mention in the comments below (such as wrong gems and so on you get the idea ) as i'd like to do the best healing possible.
    And if i were to go disc is this the correct type of gear, cause it has so much spirit. I ask this because we have another disc in the guild and he is at 19k spirit, nobody in the guild can outheal the guy(We have friendly competition, so no bigge really ). And on this forum spirit is not prioritised by disc priests they sit at something like 7-9k.

    Worthy mentions: Reason for going disc is we already have 2 holy priests in 25 man, and the disc is part of 10 man core, so he doesn't raid 25 much. Also i should be getting my legendary gem next week.

    Thank you for taking time and reading this
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    Did your realm take part in a realm merge recently? I can't find you. My armory is also currently not available due to that.

    Anyway, I'll try to give you my info blindly

    First, 19k spirit seems like a lot, even for 25 man. You probably don't need that much.

    You definitely want a ton of crit, some mastery (which most gear has a lot of anyway) and very little haste. You'll probably want to reforge out of some of that spirit to crit assuming you have a lot of spirit. Here is a little blurb from Derevka's H2P disc guide:

    Your Basic Secondary Stat Priority Should Be:

    1. Spirit up to the point you are comfortable with regen, particularly take consideration if you have the Legendary Meta Gem.
    2. Crit to provide more consistent DA creation, increased output on Atonement Healing, and proper interaction with Spirit Shell.(See the Spirit Shell section of this guide for more information). Additionally, PW:S also can benefit from Crit now. (Though scales notably better with Mastery)
    3. Mastery given its direct impact to PW: Shield, DA, as well as providing baseline healing throughput. PW:S will likely have a higher spell usage in 5.4 given increased mana regen, and the synergy that exists with Divine Insight (if spec'd)
    4. Haste, while it does provide increased output as you can cast your spells faster, it is outscaled by Crit and Mastery at most gear levels. Particularly if you have the Haste raid buff, Haste will be our least sought after stat. That said there will be a value to certain breakpoints of haste with regards to how it assists with SS. (full guide is here)
    Also, prepare to be frustrated running with another disc priest. Sometimes, it's a race to get your shield on the tank to ensure consistent rapture procs, and that can be annoying. But if you have pretty good communication it will be okay.

    I strongly recommend you check out that post as well.

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    Armory link now that its back up and working http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/characte...erson/advanced. Shows you missing a couple of enchants (boots + bracers) but I'm guessing both items are new and you just didn't have time yet. You seem to be aiming for the right stats and there's nothing that looks wrong with your gearing at the moment. Once you get the legendary meta perhaps try dropping a bit of spirit for some more int as holy, but that's all down to personal preference.

    Just to reiterate what Fefina said really - I feel that 19k spirit for disc is a very high amount. I personally run a very very low amount of spirit but I know a lot of priests aim for around 7-12k once they have the legendary meta gem and depending on their raid comp/healing style/trinkets and how comfortable they feel with their mana.

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    Yeah 19k sounds nuts
    I go to 15k after reforging as holy and feels overflowing

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    I play with 12,5k spirit and it's just right for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nnutella View Post
    I play with 12,5k spirit and it's just right for me.
    Do you have the meta gem?

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