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    Resto/balance simming

    Hey guys i currently use simulation craft to sim my shaman ele DPS spec. I don't know if it's a problem with the programme or just mine but when I try do it for my resto druid it crashes.

    I was looking to do a few thing such as 1, simply see what stat weights I should be pushing to optimise my healing (specifically what haste rating to use with my gear) 2, to do the same for my balance spec but obviously for DPS instead of healing

    I'm mainly interesting in seeing if it's *possible* to reach certain caps with my current gear such as 13k haste for resto and the 10k haste + 5k Crit as balance.

    Is this possible with sim craft? Does anyone do anything similar with another programme?

    Any help would be great!
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    Simcraft doesn't work with resto (or any healer) and it won't do what your looking for with Balance. Finding if you can reach the 10289 breakpoint comfortably is simply a matter of looking at your crit + haste ingame and seeing if they equal 15289 or higher

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