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    Proving Ground Druid.

    Hi guys!

    I am about to reach 90 on my resto druid and I have been practicing 5man healing by only leveling that druid doing dungeons hehe.

    I created this druid only to nail 30 endless waves in proving grounds.

    Now here are my questions and hope someone can answer em.

    1) What should I reforge? Someone told me 3k ish haste (which is cap) and rest mastery.

    2) What are the best trinkets and professions? My druid does not have professions yet.

    3) Is SoO with lots of gems gear the BiS for this?

    4) What should I gem? Pure intellect for red or intellect and spirit?

    If anyone knows ANY complete guide for this it will be helpful or an armory link to a toon that is prepared for this, I dont know. Anything helps.


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    Help with reforge and gemming please!
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    Resto is not so hard. Gem slots are really important, pick up the slot bonuses. Int > haste > spirit > mastery.

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    1. Don't waste your time on reforging or regeming for proving grounds. It won't make much difference and it's not that hard anyway as a druid. It's a waste of time and effort. If you're only doing that with the character, aim for 3043 haste.
    2. Don't bother. Every hour spent on professions is an hour you could have spent practicing proving grounds. And be done with it.
    3. In theory, but again it's a complete waste of your time. Just get some 496 island gear and start practicing.
    4. At that item level, go for intellect.

    Really, there are only three things worth knowing before you get started:
    1. It's all about crowd control. Get the Mighty Bash and Typhoon talents and the Glyph of Fae Silence. Use all three to shut down casters.
    2. Use all your cooldowns all the time. Every wave is around one minute, so you can (and should) use Ironbark at the start of every wave. The same goes for Barkskin, Nature's Swiftness, etc..
    3. Keep your mushroom under the tank. Bloom it immediately if someone in melee gets hit by the bleed.
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    http://wowhead.com/title=387#comments The resto druid comment is very helpful. As Alltat said, you don't really need to treat this like heroic raid progression with on point reforging, gearing and gemming. I waltzed in there one day without changing my 13163 break point, so with the scaled gear I was at like 7k haste (no where near a useful breakpoint), pretty low spirit and next to no mastery. I had a regen trink and a throughput trink (the 522 from shado-pan is decent to use here + timeless isle, shouldn't be a big deal). It took me 3 tries to get my achieve.

    I kept failing 25-28 because a ranged would get hit by the burrowers and I simply derped about what to do. I sat on my nature's swiftness that round and threw it on the mage as soon as she got hit, bloomed my mushroom under the melee after the aoe damage and continued on. It's very important to interrupt as often as you can - typhoon, mighty bash and glyph of fae silence are all pretty mandatory. There is a thread here on the druid forums that talks about the proving grounds as a resto druid with a lot of strats. Perhaps try searching for that thread and reading it as it covers everything important.
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    I did 0 to optimising my gear except to use the darkmoon trinket (cause i already had it).

    You dont need to for endless wave 30, im not convinced it really makes a noticeable difference.

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