View Poll Results: What race is your main Priest character?

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  • Draenei

    11 5.21%
  • Dwarf

    7 3.32%
  • Gnome

    11 5.21%
  • Human

    29 13.74%
  • Night Elf

    16 7.58%
  • Worgen

    11 5.21%
  • Blood Elf

    43 20.38%
  • Goblin

    9 4.27%
  • Tauren

    8 3.79%
  • Troll

    31 14.69%
  • Undead

    28 13.27%
  • Pandaren (Alliance)

    3 1.42%
  • Pandaren (Horde)

    4 1.90%
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    Troll for racial. With normalized racials troll would be my last choice.

  2. #22
    Tauren because shadowform makes me less appetizing.

    Honestly though I spent TBC and WOTLK as an undead and after being alliance in cata and the start of MoP I thought damn I haven't been a cow before properly. Didn't really care that the racials weren't great although I do get asked too often why i'm tauren
    For once maybe someone will call me "Sir" without adding "You're making a scene"

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    Nightelf/female because it's the best looking alliance option imo. I mean, cmon...

    2nd pick would be dwarf/male because of personal nostalgia :P

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    I chose Night Elf female, then changed to horde and got a Blood Elf female, then back to ally as a Draenei Female and then I changed to a human female... They all looked very cool, guess I just liked their apperance, but I would choose the trinket racial over the shadowmeld!

    I'm very indecisive :P

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    Troll , best deeps.

    Highest Theoretical Deeps = Most theoretical Fun

    For looks theres always transformation items, shadowform w/o glyph and Tmorph :P

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    I recently server & faction changed so I went Troll for the extra Berserking cd.

    When I was alliance I started as female dwarf, they were the only race with fear ward at the time & also exceptionally rare. During Mists I race changed to Panda for the food buff.

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    Tauren male. Were very few of them, and it's fun to see the details of the cloth armor, which is often lost on the microscopic shoulders of many popular caster races.
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    Made my dwarf priest is classic. Fearward and desperate prayer where good racials. though I was already convinced by the dwarf male healing animation. For my Horde I went male undead. Wanted to go male BE. Still do. But WoTF racial is simply to strong.

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    My priest was a blood elf since day one. I picked it because of the racial, and hell, female be's are pretty cute. But I recently swapped to undead since the "feeling", "lore", and casting animations are pretty sick.

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    Female Draenei on Alliance side and female Pandaren on Horde side (as soon as they were available) - because of the looks.
    Don't care about racials.

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    Well at first my priest was a Night Elf because I thought a healer elf was cool then I faction changed couple of years later and decided to be a blood elf because I wanted to be like the blood elf in the TBC cinematic.

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    Undead. Because a shadowy zombie twisting the enemy's mind is cool. Also, holy magic harms undead as they cast it, but they still manage. That. Is. Willpower!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tastyfish View Post
    BE fem, because I like the frame for Xmog and racial.
    This. And because of that awesome Holy Nova in the TBC intro <3

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    The Patient
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    Troll for the racial but I grew to love her.
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    Worgen because of racials for Disc, female because i hate the running animation of male. Probably changing it in WoD as i dislike not having any xmog options.

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    night elf for posture

  17. #37
    Blood elf to gain the racial for progression raiding even though I prefer undead priests more lol.

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    Undead because the only other alternative at the time was Troll.

    I am yet to regret this decision.

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    Blood Elf Female because of it's looks which were the only race/gender combination on Horde side fitting for my character's name.

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    My friend came over and he decided he wanted to make a character. So he made a Priest - Troll - named MysticMeryal. (WotLK time). Few weeks later this Priest became my main. Disc healing was just too much fun.

    This is how my priest became to be. She's been deleted since then (And so all of my characters). /Regrets.

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