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    Misdirection macro


    since the last patch 5.4.7. I've had problems with misdirection macro. The problem is that the icon of misdirection disappears as soon as I mounting any mounts. (it turn to me a red questionmark instead of misdirection icon)

    The macro code i use are as follow:

    /cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection
    Someone besides me has experienced this problem? If yes, have you found i way to make it work again?

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    My macro still works fine.

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [target=focus, exists, nodead],[target=pet, exists, nodead] Misdirection

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    Mine is

    /cancelaura Misdirection
    /cast [target=name] Misdirection

    The cancelaura makes it spammable and always gives you the maximum timepool, or allows you to change targets at will without removing any functionality.
    And typing the name of your target beforehand allows you to MD without clicking anyone.
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    With that macro, you have to have a focus or it will show the question mark. Put in #showtooltip Misdirection instead of just #showtooltip

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    this misdirection is like kuroko no basket

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    Quote Originally Posted by quickness View Post
    With that macro, you have to have a focus or it will show the question mark. Put in #showtooltip Misdirection instead of just #showtooltip
    Ah! That help. Tyvm

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    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cancelaura Misdirection
    /cast [help,nodead,group] [@focus,help,nodead,group] [@pet,exists,nodead] Misdirection

    is mine, and still works fine as far as I know. I prefered having help before @focus, so I could easily override the focus target for some reason.

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    I'm having some trouble, aswell.
    I've noticed before I could spam the macro but now MD incurs a cooldown even hitting the macro. Very annoying on Ahooru when I'm positioning pet on top of boss only to pull aggro off the guardians and get a charge on me.
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    Misdirection is currently broken, you can't use it on a target who is already in combat.

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    Y'all should just have Clique. I know it may be overkill for *just* MD, but I use it on my healers, my rogue for tricks, my warrior for intervene, etc. On my hunter, I just right click a frame, and I cast MD on that target. It gives MD a flexibility that a set macro can't. Including and up to MDing my healers on trash.

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