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    Spriest+Weak Aura+Affdots


    I've been searching and searching for an import for a weak aura version of affdots. I know it has been done, i've seen it mostly done as a progress bar though.

    What I'm looking for is just the icon of VT and SW:P with a small border around the edge that changes colors, with values underneath or on the icon. I came across one for warlocks that supposedly did that, I imported the string, and changed the spells around but it didnt work. I've been searching for a pretty long time so I decided to ask you guys.

    Thanks for the guidance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleaa View Post
    + AffDotsPriest
    I mean I said affdots in the title, not sure if you're messing with me since I wasn't specific in mentioning "priest" in the title.

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    then you shoud change all spellid, spell icon texture and spell names in every custom triggers

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    I'm not sure how to do it using weakauras. However you should try 'Shadow Priest Dot Timer' it does exactly what you're looking for.

    http://i.imgur.com/WgNEqaG.jpg It works basically like affdots, the dots change color depending on current buffs and whether it's worth it to recast them.
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    Yeah I did find this actually thank you! Only quirk I have with it though is the green and yellow colors are sort of difficult to see the difference.

    Edit: thanks Ravod for showing my that addon
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