I posted this in the tech support forum on the official site, but aside from one response that had nothing to do with my issue, I have gone unnoticed for hours:

Yesterday, I updated an addon (well curse did so automatically), which caused said addon to stop loading. So in an attempt to see how I could fix it, I moved both my cache and my WTF folders to my desktop, and reinstalled said addon. Loaded up the game and encountered a new issue (while not fixing the old one):

My loading screens no longer show up. I just get a black screen and my game cursor, now.

On the upside, moving one of those folders fixed my xfire issue (it now loads fine with directX11, when it didn't before, to the point that it stopped showing up when I was using dX9). So my question is this, lovely Azerothians:

How do I go about restoring my load screens without making my xfire messenger go poof again?

As far as I knew neither of those folders have anything to do with the load screens.

(Windows 7 64 bit, if anyone's wondering about my system. and the addon in question was ElvUI HUD - vertical unit frames, though I don't think that's relevant.)

- - - Updated - - -

This might be more relevant: The black screen issue start while I had no addons running.