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    Boomkin in Resto gear - dps question

    Hi there, I'm grievous geared resto druid. I never played boomkin but I'd like to try it just for fun in normal battlegrounds. I don't have the time to farm all the gear for boomkin though, hence the question:

    How would a boomkin do in resto gear? Since both have int and some similar stats, what would be the dmg loss ? about 10,20, 50% ?

    Any ideas? Just wondering if it is possible to play boomkin in resto gear I stress that it is purely for fun.

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    for pvp? you'll be fine, our 4p is only astral communion on the move which to be frank nobody ever uses.

    just reforge everything to crit and you're good to go.

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    For normal BGs, I would say it is more forgiving to play resto in moonkin gear than moonkin in resto gear, since you don't depend on spirit so much in BGs, but you will be ok I don't know for how much that will lover your dmg ... 10 or 15% at max.

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    Really depends on how your stats are arranged. You'll want to swap our as much spirit for crit as possible.

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