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    Quote Originally Posted by Dierdre View Post
    Call me paranoid, but wording suggests it means:

    You will still suck as a dps spec. With new talents, but still the worst. For another expansion.
    Are you so paranoid in regard to everything or just shadow in general ?
    After seeing the new proposed racial changes I'm actually optimistic about this tweet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drye View Post
    Who cares about single target. We are a multi dottting class. You should stop complaining about our shitty single target when every tier, there's like 1 or 2 single target fights and the rest are council/multi dot. You should be more upset that one of our niches is the worst multi dotting class in the game. That's what you should be complaining about.
    Thats just you speaking who likes to see big numbers on multidot fights. The reality is the final bosses of T15/T16 did not contain much if any multidot component.

    Our problem as it is is much bigger than our multidot competition: we don't provide much if any utility anymore and our low multidot is part of that problem, but in fact almost every fight is about single target sustained; not multidot. Multidot has not been relevant this patch. If multidot was relevant you'd see locks go affliction instead of destruction. They don't. We also already know mage won't be a multidot class anymore next expansion.

    Lets look at the last bosses of the patch. Siegecrafter, not a multidot fight. It favors cleave and single target sustained and burst. It allows for some multidot usage, but nothing major. Klaxxi, not a multidot fight. It has a few minor multidot aspects to it, but again its largely single target. Garrosh, has a multidot component, but it doesn't really matter if your multidot is a bit better or worse there. Its about single target sustained damage and damage during movement (so ironic both hunter and ele got buffed while they got 0 issue w/that). While we do provide utility on thesw fights so do other classes.

    Previous tier Dark Animus was hands down about controlled multidot in the start of the fight (talking about being undergeared) but the end of the fight was about together with Twins our utility here was our survivability from our passive Shadowform. Same for moonkin's Moonkin Form. Warlocks still have ridiculous survivability and mobility which is why they are amazing for tasks related to that like Klaxxi Aim and Desecrated Weapon baiting. Lei Shen did not contain much multidot. What mattered was single target sustained, cleave burst, and single target movement damage. Ra-den allowed some multidot, but on an equal level also cleave since the orb was not about multidot but about single target burst on a time scale perfect for us.

    The last bosses of T14, Will of the Emperor was a multidot fight but also one with emphasis on utility. It turned out mages ring of frost was the most important utility and hence we stacked that which might've costed a shadow a spot there. Empress was not about multidot, it was about single target sustained, utility, and cleave. Sha of Fear was a multidot fight, but again as always also about single target sustained. Do you see the pattern already? Almost every fight is about single target sustained. Council fights are the exception but there are very little amount of these.

    Let me draw you an analogy here to another class: the rogue. They scale very well with gear and even though they weren't strong in T14 (+ lost the legendary reroll effect) they are easily one of the best single target sustained melee. Add to that their unique utility (Feint, Cloak, Cheat Death, Smoke Bomb, Vanish, movement) and you have a very strong contender for a spot.

    Shadow doesn't have this because there is nothing Shadow does at which it excels, including like you mention, multidot. We've also been overshadowed by another priest spec -Discipline- which has been the best priest spec throughout this entire expansion.
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