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    What is Your Most Insane World PvP Kill

    Title says it all. What's your most insane, unexpected, completely "WOAH DID I JUST DO THAT?!" world pvp kill you've had?

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    pre cross realm zones i kited a paladin from badlands to arathi highlands while lvling a hunter, he just wouldnt give up and i couldnt kill him >.<
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    I don't remember the fight right out of my mind, what class I played or what class the other guy played, but we kept fighting for a long time with self-heals and CCs. Damn it was a long fight. After (I won, wohoo) the fight I had to take a break for about half an hour to relax.

    Those are the moments to remember.

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    The only one I really can recall is my first one. A troll hunter in the zoram strand in eastern Ashenvale. Man, that was like almost 9 years ago now.
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    MogIt probably.
    I was farming a stun trinket back on my druid in vanilla. A paladin was there too. He was in MC/BWL gear while I was in Dire maul / scholo gear. Anyways, he was holy and I was lolferal. We couldn't seem to kill each other.

    Now the trick of this was that this was all underwater. Breathing was on a much shorter duration back then. I realized this after I'd gone seal form and swapped back that the paladin was taking huge chunks off on his life. Even after his bubble and attempts to swim upwards, I was able to root him and drown him under the water. Thus that was how I got my favorite world pvp kill.
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    Vanilla, Western Plaguelands, as Shadowpriest:
    Killed a Paladin with Water, Breath and Mindcontrol.

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    I despelled a mages slowfall as he flew over the lava pit in Blackrock Mountain.

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    Wiping a 40 Man Alliance Raid on Thunderbluff. The whole Raidgrp. stood on top of the highest Pillar buffing. One explosive trap and the whole Raid was no more

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    Mine is probably when I was leveling my former twink warlock in Hillsbrad Foothills. It was near the broken tower between TM and SS back before the Cataclysm happened. 6 or 7 people tried to gank me nearly all at once. Not quite sure why. I never gank people. It was just after I was able to get Death Coil. None of them lasted that long....we'll just say that.

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    It was in BC when you had to go to an NPC to queue for arenas. There was one in Shattrath, but sometimes we'd go out and queue in Nagrand just to look at the pvp item vendor as well. Anyways there was this druid and we got him to about half health before he flew up in his flight form taunting us. So I got on my mount, shadowstepped behind him mid-air and ambushed him. I hit the ground and for a second I thought it didn't kill him, then another second later BAM his corpse hits the ground haha.

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    Blowing lvl80 miningbots up with Wild Mushrooms on my boomkin in Uldum, having a blast (pun intended) ^__^

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    A alliance hunter was trying to solo crossroads and some one killed him before I got there so when he respawned I saw him mount up and take off I threw a hardened shell and the hunter fell to his death.
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    Just recently when i tried to farm Bloody Coins as a Feral in full PvP gear. I managed to down an heroic geared Lock by literally doing everything right for once. he was assmad after that.

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    Getting pounced by 3 rogues in vanilla when i had about half my hp as paladin then actually managing to fight back and win against them.
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    Years ago in Wrath my guild just transferred horde and for the first few weeks we'd be invading ironforge every single day. Was chasing this rogue around and he vanished right before his imminent death so I anticipated where he was going, tossed an engineering grenade and caught him. Felt good, probably have more of those funny engineering kills but that's the one I for some reason always remember cause one of my guildies saw it and was like "I saw that Faes".
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    Back in vanilla, during lvling near Grom'gol in Stranglethorn, 2 aliance guys attacked my undead priest...i swim on sea, they followed me so i went deep underwater...they followed and after few mins of swiming they drowned

    Another great kill was pvp during BC in Haala, 2 guys chased my druid around, i jumped to the abyss and in mid fall i went out of combat and to fly form and they just plumet to their death xD

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    The other day I was in WG, alone. There was a Mage and Warrior hanging around after our defeat, and I managed to coax them to the top of the fortress. The explosive trap practically turned them into skeets. The Warrior fell to his death, falling for the trick twice, and I killed the Mage. It was some good revenge, seeing as they killed me a couple times by ganging up

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    3.0 patch. Thunder Bluff. Alliance raid guild coming into town working on FTA (when it was new).

    "No one here...hey look a shaman - WTF JUST HAPPENED"

    Ele shaman 1, 40 man raid 0.

    Also scored several kills at the Naxx entrance in Wrath in similar fashion. Oh, and got plenty of goobers who would land atop the wg towers to kill cannons.

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    Went onto the Timeless Isle with the PvP thing on just for fun. Went to the Frogs. Saw all those people doing their Weekly (It was wednesday). Just tried my luck and made 11 Coins. After that I went up to the Vendor and bought my Mount. :P

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    Last patch, on timeless island. I was farming blood coins as a feral druid, guildies asked me to fill a dps spot in the raid. Since I had to go I thought "ah... f*** this shit" and went against a group of four players, killed all of them and one more guy who appeared in the middle of the fight.

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