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    So I was flying around doing lowbie pet battles, and I was in Searing Gorge. My pet battle ends, and suddenly a hunter opens on me - stampede, full cooldowns - I was caught completely off guard (on my shadowpriest). Fortunately I had Void Tendrils at the time, so I root all the pets and move out of them - and I Body and Soul toward the nearest stone tower (overlooking the gorge), so I can line of sight him during his cooldowns - given his health I knew he was geared (600k+ ish and this was at least last season, if not before, and he didn't have Fort/Dark Intent) - and given the Duelist title I knew he wasn't just a PvE'r.

    I line of sight, I'm low on health - but I'm ahead of him - I manage to ring-around-the-rosie with him long enough to heal up a bit, finally I went up the tower and leapt off - but landed on a little lip below - he missed the lip and fell to a lower level. I healed up before he got back to me: he was still at full health (too worried about myself to dot him). So, I'm out of defensive cooldowns (had to disperse and fear twice when he caught up to me on the tower). The fight begins, both at full health, he's out of offensive cooldowns (granted it's been at least a minute or more since he blew them all now) - and I'm completely out of defensive cooldowns - but we're both at full health.

    I manage to juke him around the tower enough to get him low (Fear -> Mind Blast ->DP) - at which point he scatters me and rocketboots into the distance. I'm an engineer too - scatter ends, I rocket boot after him, but he's got a lead on me. He mounts, and begins to fly straight up into the air. I mount, and fly after him - but he's ahead of me. We end up chasing for some time - but eventually we reach the top of the world, and I've gained some distance on him, I'm ~15-20 yards behind him now - but obviously neither of us can attack while flying.

    He suddenly dismounts, turns, and begins firing arrows into me at the top of the skybox - then Goblin Gliders. I Goblin Glider and begin to do the same - it's looking bad for me because Hunters have way better instant damage than Spriests, and he opened first - we're both around half health now - the lead I had from the tower fight on the ground instantly lost in his instant cast salvo in the air.

    Knowing I can't beat him like this, I focus more on the flying - and eventually I end up behind him, in his blind spot - he tries hard to shake me but I keep focus on staying literally like 1-5 feet behind him - right on top of him, right behind him - the goblin glider turning radius making it hard for him to get a line on me. Spamming shadow word: pain for like ~5k damage second, I eventually build up 3 shadow orbs, and DP him - now his health starts falling - he hits execute range, I double tap Shadow Word: Death, he falls to his death deep into the gorge. I soar off and just make the nearest lip of the gorge (I'm like, 21% health myself - I could almost feel him spamming Killshot).

    It was only the second most epic world pvp battle I've had in a decade of WoW! The whole battle, start to finish - must have been almost 10 minutes.

    The only thing that saddens me about it is, I actually had Fraps enabled at the time - but I never hit record at the start of the fight because I was too caught off guard by his opener, and then too focused on keeping up with him to remember.
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    Ventilation shaft. How do you know that?
    Late Wrath on Ravenholdt EU.
    The realm was a small one and "everyone" knew eachother, even opposite faction. The Alliance had a very active WPvP guild called Dark Saints with the infamous guild leader Parashade, human Warrior, and his second in command Thibbledorf, dwarf Hunter.

    as said, WPvP was very active and among other things one "tradition" was WPvP events made on the realm forums every weekend.

    Enough backstory.
    One late night me and 4 of my friends decided to infiltrate Stormwind to assassinate Parashade and Thibbledorf, (because someone had put a bounty on them)
    We found them in the Trade District, afking! We snuck up to them, took a screenshot of us dancing behind them and killed them.
    We posted the screenshot on both the realm forums AND Dark Saints forum.

    We were GODS!
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    Flying around on my 90 hunter through Northrend, went to the arena quest line to help a friend, saw a lot of 78s and 80s doing quest there for the arena quest line, figured hee why not kill them i did and after 5min there were 2 90s showing up as well. Lucky for me i was full arena geared and they were barely dungeon geared. Killed both the rogue and the mage and figured i'd help my friend asap. Little did i know a lock, a warrior , mage , druid , the same rogue , same mage would come back. Quickly flew up and me and about 12 other 90s came back and killed all 6 of them easy. Little did we know..that more were after a good 30min ( let's skip forward ) it was a 40/50 vs 40/50 fight in that arena. People from my guild, people from their guild. ( this was with cross realm bullshit implented )

    After a roughly 3 hours of fighting i gave up and went offline. Or well..not gave up i got tired off wow and logged off.
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    During cata lvling my hunter on a pvp realm about lvl 43 in tanaris, had a lvl 85 moonkin jump me and farm me for about 5mins.
    Got bored logged my main, shat on him, then another 4 of his guildies all lvl 85 turn up and i CC them and casually kick the shit out of them, one at a time. (they couldnt pvp against a lvl 60 skill wise, words will not accurately describe how bad they were)
    Eventually 20 minuets pass with me soloing them until another 3 of their guildies turn up. So i called my gf to log her resto druid and thats the story how we 2manned 8 hordies for the following hour.

    Most fun ive had in the game in a long time pvp wise.
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    me and my friend, start of MoP, im a mm hunter (lol) hes a ret paladin, were some of the first level 90s on horde for our server, so we decided to go and gank people at halfhill, after a while and about 50kills later 4 level 90 alliance turn up, a moonkin, a WW monk, a warrior and a spriest, they nuke my ret paladin friend fast, while theyre doing that ive killed the moonkin, so then its me an mm hunter, vs a warrior, a ww monk and a spriest, i trap the warrior and kite the monk while nuking the Spriest, half way through the trap breaks so im kiting both ww monk and warrior around, not bery well but im still surviving. the moonkin doesn't res but my ret paladin does. the paladin keeps dying (hes a clicker/keyboard turner), after a while the the moonkin resses and we just keep killing them over and over as they res.

    together we manage to kill all 4 alliance, and then camped them until they logged some horde alts to insult us we probably killed them about 5times each (the moonkin and spriest more) and i never died. the spriest and moonkin were very easy to kill and their damage was terrible, the monk sucked and was pretty easy to kill as long as we avoided karma, but the warrior was very hard to kill by myself through second wind.

    it was fun.
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    On a rank 12 rogue with my 50ish level priest. Was walljumping, saw the guy fall behind me, lucky to land a fear on him when he stealthed, swp applied on 2nd try and mindflay. No idea why he didnt pot though.

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    pre cross realm zones i kited a paladin from badlands to arathi highlands while lvling a hunter, he just wouldnt give up and i couldnt kill him >.<

    this happened while leveling my monk, i was mistweaver and a balance druid attacked me, he didnt have enough damage to beat my heals, and my damage wasn't enough to beat his, but neither of us would give up, eventually i tried to run but he chased me from blasted lands to nearly Karazhan before an alliance 90 swooped past and killed me.
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    Not my kill, but back in Wrath the Druid spell Typhoon could dismount people from flying mounts.
    I was just minding my own business, when that Druid showed up, Typhooned me off my flying mount and before we both hit the ground, he shapeshifted back into his bird form.
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    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of skill, luck will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of luck, skill will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same luck and the exact same level of skill, the deck will decide the victor.

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    Killed hunter and frost mage 2:1 as a ret paladin(which both classes could faceroll kill)
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    I pulled a 1v4 in wrath season while in STV. On my realm there was a group of alliance players who loved to go around killing random people. While I was grinding out my archaeology, someone had given my position away to these players... because out of nowhere 4 alliance started attacking me. I popped earthbind, popped speed boots, got away so i could heal up. The mage was the first to find me which I forced an early blink, allowing me to frost shock him in place and blow him up just as his buddies came over. I was left to face a warrior, boomkin and warlock. I hexed the warrior and zerged the boomkin but made sure my tremor was down... By the time the warrior got out of my hex, the warlock had made me immune to fears since he never destroyed my tremor. I kill the druid as the warrior is about to charge and I then switch to the warlock. Warrior pops reck/bladestorm which I counter by ghost wolfing off. I'm at 20% health, but I pop SR and stoneclaw to give me some health. Throw down grounding just in time to catch the warlocks death coil and then stormstrike him luckily getting a 5 stack maelstrom. I heal and blow up the lock since he wasn't overly geared. Now i was left w/ the warrior who had no CD's left. I pop wolves and obliterate him, but right as I think it's over.. the mage comes back, sheeps me and the boomkin was back too, which lead to me dying.

    Even though I ended up getting farmed for 10+ minutes after that, I still felt like a champ for taking them all on almost at the same time. Also I was full wrath w/ t2 weapons at the time while these guys had wrath gloves and relentless everything else... except the warlock.
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    During the first weeks of tbc when i started playing and was leveling my first char, a feral druid, i was questing in Zangarmarsh. I was lvl 62 and a lvl 70 frostmage jumped me and i managed to beat him, i know ferals are good against mages, but still it felt pretty good since i was 8lvl lower and it was my first char ever He tried again a few min later without success btw

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    Spent 10 mins on my Prot Paladin in the Orchard in southern Jade Forest fighting a Shdowpriest, until we both bowed and gave up lol.

    Any time I make someone splat with a Hardened Shell.

    Typhooning people who jump my Druid.

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    Classic: Farmed 5 rogues as a Protection paladin, they just refused to leave me alone.
    Classic: Soloed a 40 man raid on Tyrande as Retribution paladin by stunning the tank and getting him 3 shotted.

    Burning Crusade: Killed a level 70 hunter as my level 68 Protection Paladin in Nagrand when he tried to gank me.
    Burning Crusade: Killed a retarded fire mage using nothing but Shield Bash and Spell Reflection.
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    Killing a 60 warrior back in vanilla as a lvl 47 Hunter.. Kited him through all STV
    Main(s) since Classic:
    Hunter and Enha sham

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    Ehh, I managed to survive vs a mistweaver monk in full gear back in 5.1 at level 87. Considering I was kiting him around as a blood dk was hilarious. Can't really remember any other wPvP times as it was mostly ganking anyways.

    Edit: I remember a cool one. Back when cata just started (s9) I was leveling up a shaman because they used to be great back in wotlk. While leveling I encountered a level 85 warrior, which was the most OP class back then literally hitting you for 30ks back to back, which I managed to kill at level 83 as ele shaman. Had a good laugh out of that one, even whispered the warrior how horrible he was for not being able to kill an ele shaman as warrior
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    Throughout the history of the game, higher level rogues (2-5 levels higher) have always tried to gank me.

    I just kill them and laugh.

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    On my drood bear in TBC. Was jumped by a Prot Pala. Had about a 50 min duel. In the end we were both low on health. He was about to heal up when I used my 6 demon bag. It sheeped him and let me heal up and then kill him.. I am sure that pala had a WTF moment when he was sheeped by a bear and lost a 50 min duel
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    Was flying around orgrimmar, and then ive noticed this lvl1 Orc runnung.. Quickly landed & one-shotted the guy!! What an epic world-pvp feeling that was!!

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    lvl 76, frost mage with perma pet in borean tundra questing (had bought the bind to account epic flying on another char).

    lvl 80 horde frost mage turns up. Hit's me with 2 frost lance. I got a sliver of health left so I pop a health pot, invis and start running. Of course the perma pet is still following me...

    Invis wears out, I jump on a regular epic griff and start flying, mage chasing me mounts up too.... iron proto-drake (280% vs 320% ofc). So I'm flying away, he's pursuing and obviously (not so) slowly catching up. I watch my action bar as spells start to light up as being in range. Soon as frost lance comes in range I hit ice-block, sure enough, a couple splash harmlessly against the block.

    We're both falling (me still iceblocked and in range) , he hits slow fall first. I spellsteal it and instantly blink away....

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    On my pally in vanilla, just leveling minding my own business when this orc hunter decides to try to ruin my fun.
    He kites me around a bit while his pet is critting me for miniscule amounts. And if anyone remember reckoning back then, it was bugged and stored up extra attacks for each crit you took, so his small pet crits actually gave me an advantage. I barely got close to him and BOOM: 10-15 attacks in a second and he was instantly dead. Love killing people who try to gank.

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