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    On the timeless isle when i had the censer buff, i was attacked by a rogue so attacked him a bit, got him down to maybe 75% then i novaed him, tagged an eroded cliff dweller i then deeped him and polyed him so that he would stay in the same place and stood ontop of him, the giant threw a boulder, i blinked out of the way, the boulder hit him killing him and leaving me to run away and farm some more coins

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    I wish I had fraps'ed mine... It was the most epic battle I have had in my entire life in any game.

    I'm a Fire mage, I saw a decently (probably 565-570 while I'm 575) geared warlock outside of ICC by the summoning stone. I jumped the warlock, but he was fast enough to pop CDs and jump down the edge, but he popped Goblin Glider to get away. Little did he know, I had glider too!!!!

    So Destro lock vs fire mage, we fly spiraling around each other in a battle far above the ground for 20 seconds until we hit the ground (really hard to land hits when flying around each other in 300-400% speed or whatever they are). He pops Nitro Boosts, I do too, we run with our insane speed boosts, casting at each other, then he's cornered and we're fighting it out in the area we're at. He's finally still, I blanket silence and unleash hell on him, then he's down.

    Best WPvP experience I've ever had and I later relogged to thank him for one of the most epic experiences I've been through in WoW.
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    Got ganked on my main by 4-5 horde in Area 52.

    Had a friend log a healer to come meet me. We two manned the entire area for almost half an hour without dying (more came along, must have been 6 or so at the same time at one point).

    Killing people in pro dragon-slaying gear takes skill.

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    On my server a Shadow priest attacked warsong hold upon my DK attacking he flew off to the cliff on the edge of Caldera. I followed him to finish him off.

    He predictably tried to MC me off the cliffs but failed to notice that I put Dark Simalcrium on him before he cast it.

    His MC drop of me failed (I only fell 5 yards down to a ledge)

    The Shadow priest then got mind controlled himself and after a running jump he cratered halfway down the cliff face.

    I never laughed so hard in my life.

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    In classic, I had a 4 vs 1 against my rogue - a druid, a warlock, and 2 hunters. I survived with 25 health. That was probably the most bad-ass I've felt in wPvP at any one point.

    Recently, though, any time I do this makes me giggle:

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    One of these two, but probably the latter:

    1. When I was a level 60 on my original warlock in Burning Crusade, my level 70 mage friend tricked me into the arena in Stranglethorn and attacked me, and I managed to get him low enough that my dots killed him right after he killed me.

    2. After I had hit level 70 and had full gear, there was a massive faction battle going on in and around the Nagrand arena, mostly inside. I jumped in without joining the Horde raid and started attacking everyone, and wound up being the only survivor, besides an Alliance girl I spared since I had come to have an amusing sort of unspoken truce with her. With both factions focused on each other and neither really noticing me since I was out of the group, I picked off several of both sides. People certainly noticed after the fact, and I got a lot of angry whispers and a few laughs, but it was glorious nonetheless.

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    Me as level ~22 rogue in Ashenvale with 3-4 other like-leveled people taking on a level 50 shaman who was murdering the town. We whiddled him down, played guerilla tactics, and finally got the kill after about 10 minutes.

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    some months ago i stood at entrance of Botanica for hours killing the lvl 80prot paladin farming bots, it was good

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    wotlk, jumped down from that tower in dragonblith and killed a paladin in midair, then used parachute

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    The other night while leveling up a new WW Monk (level 39), I had just gotten to Eastern Plaguelands and I saw in General chat there was a group of 3 Alliance running around killing everyone. I look over my shoulder and see 3 red bars, all level 42 (orange level number for me). They strike first, I Touch of Karma the Shadow Priest, he dies instantly from his friend's burst, I turn my sights on the Mage casting, drop him in seconds and turn to face their BrM Monk who is fully shielded with Guard and tries to run. Flying Serpent Kick for the slow and go to town. 3v1 and was hardly touched.

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    Me and two buddies(2x MM hunter + Holy paladin) VS an entire guild group in gurubashi arena, the guild was called <Is cool> if memory serves me right. Must have been at least 10-15 80's(Was in wotlk) of various roles, mostly dps but some healers as well. They fell one by one and when the last man fell, the first few who died resurrected and started engaging us again. It was just an endless stream of people coming at us. This went on for probably 20 minutes before they eventually managed to kill us.

    I think we might have run out of arrows, that's why we died. xD
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