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    Need help with my shadow priest!

    I have a 560 ilvl and can only pull 170-180k ub on a dummy it just doesn't seem right. Can someone give me some tips because i know my dot up time is almost perfect and the cast order is correct. Here is my armory possibly its a gear issue My characters name is ziggss and i am on the server cho'gall( it will not let me post my armory till i post a few times sadly. And if possible could someone do a single target simulationcraft for me? thank you!

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    Heres the armory for anyone else who wants to chip in: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...iggss/advanced

    You haven't given that much info so I can only offer a couple of tips #1 I see is your gemming/reforging is going away from haste when I think you could easily go for the 18215 gcd cap seeing as most of your gear has haste on and you have put several int+crit gems into yellow sockets. Also your professions obviously aren't going to give you much benefit but the bit of haste from herbing isnt a total waste.

    do you always run ToF + SWI + Halo, changing talents won't have much impact on your dummy dps and generally you shouldn't be looking to excel on a single target dummy anyways but looking at what talents you should be taking for each fight is always important.

    HowToPriest has a great collection of general information and has some great priests contributing to it so check out the link for loads of shadowy goodness
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    thank you

    I went to the 18215 haste cap and i lost alot of dps and no i change often, in a week i probably change almost every fight. on protectors i average like 320-400k but others like 200-300k

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