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    if only people had a chance to be so efficient in something useful instead of a videogame...

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    Quote Originally Posted by kilj View Post
    How far should you technically get in a 3 hour window on heroic mode? like where do most guilds find themselves? We can only see to get to Nazgrim after 3 hours. Wanna start getting to Spoils, any tips to speed it up?
    I'd say getting to Spoils is a really good night for three hours. Especially if you have a few wipes. As you get more gear / more consistent you can start pushing towards the later guys in a night.

    Nazgrim is an ok point i think.

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    In our best run we killed 11/14 hc (in 25 man).

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    Last night we fulled cleared in one night, with a wipe on Protectors I think. We raid 4hrs a night, and Garrosh was killed with a few minutes left to spare. Usually we get to Siegecrafter or Paragons because of derpage and/or trialing new people.

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    On a good night, i think we get up to Siege. That's with a decent pace and minimal breaks. That said, our last few clears have been pretty bad. People this late into the content start to slack a lot more as they find the clears boring and are more prone to silly mistakes. Think one night we stopped at spoils, another week it was Malk.

    10m HC here.
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    We are at garrosh heroic after ~3 hours
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    We usually clear 13/14 after around 3 hours, then kill Garrosh the day after. People just find current content a bit monotone so we rotate a lot and thus the speed of clearing just slows down quite a bit.

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    I think 13/14 (or even full clear) is possible in 3 hours. We did 13/14 in 3h 15m with an undergeared trial and some silly wipes. It does require some effort and not wasting time on AFKing too much on trash or taking longer breaks, though.
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    We generally make it to spoils, but no kill, on a 2½ hour raid on reset. We're currently working on Heroic Siegecrafter.

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    We progress Segecrafter atm, but we dont wipe much on anything before it, so 11H is doable in 3 hours Without wipe. I would say Guild running 14H might get it in 4 hours oneshoting all.

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    For us it heavily depends on what group we got, we usually got trials and new people to the fight, so often it's a re learning experience. We try to rotate players so most people get to play, not a hardcore guild so we got a small spread in skill. I suppose we could reach malkorok if we don't wipe in 3 hours, I bet could reach our next progress boss (siegecrafter) in 3 hours if we didn't spend 10 mins for each boss pull, but all in all it doesn't matter to much.

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    We did Immerseus to Klaxxi in 3.5 hours last week.
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    Just realized if you want the optimal number, you only have to take the wowprogress speed kill times:

    Add 5 mins for Immersius and the fastest SoO would result in 2:07:09.

    Pretty sure nobody can do that, and it has flaws because I'm guessing some people start with Blackfuse and not Spoils so it reduces time a little.

    Let's be honest, anything close to 2.5h is amazing IMO.
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    My raid use to have almost an hour downtime, once we cut that back we were clearing to spoils sometimes even siegecrafter in a night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mortalmansikka View Post
    We do 12/14hc in 4 hours with about 30mins of breaks in there. Then ppl are getting sleepy (we raid pretty late) and cba with Klaxxi anymore for the night.
    This is us exactly, well I wouldn't say we get tired but carrying 2 buyers and trials for the first 12 has its consequences. Also if people decide they want to play like garbage on Malk or something.

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    Our guild typically kills Thok in 3 hours. On our worse nights, we are pushing to get him down, and on our better nights we have plenty of time for him and Siegecrafter. Once we work off our post-Garrosh hangover I expect we will regularly get 13 down in the time frame.
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    We clear 14/14 H in under 3 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Okay View Post
    It's not hard. Especially if you have already cleared it before because then you would really have no excuse for wiping. Let's do some very basic math here.

    -All heroic difficulty

    Immers- 5 minutes
    No trash
    Protectors - 5 minutes
    Trash - 3 minutes
    Norushen - 5 minutes
    Trash - 2 minutes
    Sha - 5 minutes
    Trash- 3 minutes
    Gala - 8 minutes
    No trash
    Jug- 5 minutes
    Trash- 5 minutes
    Shamans - 5 minutes
    Trash - 3 minutes (as long as you skip the demon thin like you should be doing)
    Nazgrim - 5 minutes
    Trash - 2 minutes (be smart and skip unnecessary trash)
    Malk - 4 minutes
    Trash- 3 minutes
    Spoils- 5 minutes
    Trash- 3 minutes
    Thok - 5 minutes
    Trash - 3 minutes
    Blackfuse - 5 minutes
    Trash - 2 minutes
    Paragons -6 minutes
    Trash - 4 minutes
    Garrosh - 12 minutes
    Total - 105 minutes or 1 hour and 45 minutes. Numbers may be slightly off but you get the idea.

    So mathematically I'm correct when I say the instance CAN be cleared in 3 hours for less. It's all about not wasting time and afking. If you've cleared the instance before, then you should have no problem burning through this when it's on farm unless you have raiders who like to waste time afking or spending 5-20 minutes discussing loot drops.

    And add to the fact people clearing these days have 575+ item level, you shouldn't have any issue clearing in the first place.
    You are way under your predictions on most of these trash times.

    We have like 8 #1 kill times and top 3 on every boss except Paragons and we pull trash pretty much as fast as you can. 2 minutes for Paragons trash? 4 minutes for Garrosh trash? Way longer.

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    We got up to Thok last night in our 3 hour raid in 25M which was our first clear since downing Garrosh.

    Alot of downtime was due to new recruits, swapping in people, and dealing with our new loot addon. Sadly wiped twice on Sha also.

    Once we get alot of the swapping and loot issues sped up I think through Blackfuse is realistic, that's what we we're shooting for yesterday.

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    tonight we made it too Blackfuse in a 3hour period (10/14hc down).
    which is the best so far for a single night and it seems very repeatable.

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