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    Mists of Pandaria: Your Perspective

    Now that we have seen what is to be the virtual conclusion of MoP, and are already assembling thoughts on WoD, what is your opinion? What was your experience with MoP? Good, bad, indifferent? Did you have highlights, or low points?

    For me, I was happier once the veil was destroyed. It kept me from constantly thinking I needed to land and do my dailies. Overall, I thought it was a good expansion. I am not much for Pandas, or Asian themes, but it was not quite the flop of the prior expansion.

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    I love the polished shiny new continent of Pandaria. Didn't play alot this expansion, just because I burned out of the daily's and LFR after a few months. I like what they will do with the raids, and the new character models will only help Draenor feel even more polished than Pandaria ever was. That, the random events and the better theme compared to MoP will make WoD atleast a better expansion then MoP ever was. But, if it works out well, it can be even bigger then that.

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    I thought the features changed/added in MoP were great. That being said I wasn't a huge fan of the story of the expansion and the whole "panda" thing. Overall I would say it was a positive experience though.

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    I hate pandas, it's in my perspective childish and in my eyes it will remain like that forever.
    but Mists of Pandaria is a good expansion overall and if they keep this good quality up or better to other themes i like more, then WoW will do more then fine!
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?
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    Goddamn it, Gimlix, why do you keep making these threads?

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    MoP was fine, I didnt enjoy the story in the slightest and I feel as though the whole expansion was essentially filler. Even in Pandaria the Pandas were completely irrelevant, Mo'gu architecture and Sha's dominated their whole culture. And then we finish the expansion by forgetting about the pandas completely and move onto Orcs again (although thanks to dominion point the story centered around the Horde/alliance even more so, instead of the pandas).

    All in all it was just fine, wasnt worse than Crapaclysm, but its not something I would recommend to a friend, I will say that Blizzard as always done a good job of pulling lore out of thin air and applying it to Pandaria. The story wasnt terrible but like I said It just felt like filler in an anime.

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    It was ok. Better than Cataclysm, worse than Wrath.

    I think the player population has overall become less tolerant of developer missteps.
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    I've never really been a fan of the Asian themed architecture and lore elements, for some reason it's just never appealed to me in any game/novel/movie/etc. But I did enjoy the some of the armor models, I enjoyed the zones, I enjoyed the raid content, I enjoyed most of MoP. Actually I enjoyed everything about MoP, including pandas, except for the architecture, Pandaria lore (lore not being something that I play for, so it's not a huge negative for me.), and the lack of interesting 5-mans. I'd rate Pandaria pretty highly. It was more enjoyable than Vanilla/WLK for me, way above Cata, and on par with BC. Like every WoW expansion there are new features that I love, some that I hate, and some changes that I disagree with.

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    Meh. Most boring expansion so far. Lore/story didn't grab me at all and none of the zones were memorable (Isle of Thunder almost qualifies, though). I'm just not a fan of eastern themes/mythology. I feel like MoP took WoW into a more grindier direction. I had no time for playing alts and I still haven't even touched pet battles. It had the overall great Blizzard Quality, of course.

    Result: Neutral feelings, slightly leaning towards negative.

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    I mostly play to raid, so for me its been the best expansion so far.

    I don't (of course) agree with everything they changed in MoP but I am still happily playing away

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    Questing, 5-mans, and the leveling experience in general was very well done. One example being quest rewards tailored to your class and not a bunch of useless items you can't use.

    Also, the delivery of the story in Jade Forest surpassed the other games like Diablo 3 (in its entirely) as well as most hollywood movies.

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    For what it was worth, the expansion wasn't bad. I don't like that there are now 4 raid difficulties. I didn't like it when there were three, I didn't like it when there were two. My idea of fun is not repeating the same raid at a higher difficulty, and unfortunately, Blizzard is moving further in that direction instead of away from it.
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    I'm really just indifferent to this expansion.

    I feel like everything I enjoyed was roughly cancelled out by things I didn't enjoy, resulting in a "meh" attitude.

    I will say that it ended up being better than I originally thought it would be. When it was first announced, I thought "ugh pandas" and I even considered not buying the expansion. However, I stuck with it and I don't really regret it.

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    A better expansion.
    I really didn't enjoy it.

    The amount of daily quests in the first and 2nd tier of raiding were fucking brutalizing (Yes, you did have to do them if you wanted to play competitively, no lfr isn't competitive)

    Pandas, I feel like any time someone mentions they hate Pandas they get berated with insults but yes I hate Pandas, They are fat and goofy and seem to be comedic relief to me.

    Warforged/Thunderforged..Just a stupid way to get people to keep playing in between tiers. Oh you're fully heroic BiS? DO IT AGAIN ONLY THE DROPS RATES ARE SHIT!

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    negative - alt unfriendly, daily quests, fluffy pandas... story was... idk people say strong, but for me - sha... are you fucking kidding me, toilet story.

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    I despised it. It literally disgusted me, i retch thinking about it. I disliked cataclysm and was against pretty much all changes to design made there; mop did nothing to rectify said crap and instead made it even worse. I have great hopes for WoD, but like Frodo being stabbed by a morgul blade, WoW can never truly heal from the wound that was MoP.

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    Positive. Initially I thought the whole panda thing was a joke but it turned out to be a pretty good expansion. Playing as a casually most of my time it was fun doing LFR and some dailies. Patch 5.1 was great in my opinion from both a lore and gameplay perspective as those quests were really good. 5.2 was another great patch and I Throne of Thunder was a great raid in terms of story and atmosphere. Isle of Thunder was also fun to unlock and do. I only played 5.3 for a week taking one of their trials and it was probably the most disappointing patch in my eyes, from Alliance perspective. I did the Barrens events but there were hardly any Alliance folks to do it with. I returned in december to play 5.4 and was very impressed. SOO was another great raid and adding flex was great in my opinion. Overall great expansion.

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    I loved everything except Pandaria except for a few things:

    Even with account wide achievements/titles/mounts some are still not account wide

    Removing MoP challenge modes.

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    I disliked it.

    The story was more than terrible and I never found interest in pandas or blizzards personal attempt to milk the farmville generation nor their version of pokemon. Skills were not an improvement and they did little to really recover from their mistakes in Cata.

    It all seemed rather silly and no longer warcraft.

    Its was a negative experience and now we will have to suffer seeing parts of it continue on in other expansions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiny212 View Post
    SNIP.... but like Frodo being stabbed by a morgul blade, WoW can never truly heal from the wound that was MoP.
    Best phrasing I have heard lately for MoP. 2 thumbs up to you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Osmeric View Post
    I think the player population has overall become less tolerant of developer missteps.
    Perhaps because the game is 9 years old. You would've thought that they would be doing almost everything right after year 5.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuniorBinda View Post
    Perhaps because the game is 9 years old. You would've thought that they would be doing almost everything right after year 5.
    40 year old men will make the same mistake they made when they were 20. Crazy thing about human nature. Shit happens

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