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    I chose dislike - but - I'd like to also list my pros/cons to leave a more clear/concise reasoning behind that choice.

    -Flex Raiding:(Great for fluctuating raid teams and raiders that don't have the time to permit to normal schedules. Kudos to Blizzard on this one, awesome addition)
    -Censer of Eternal Agony: (Some of the most fun I've had in years on WoW, brought back a version of World PvP - which the game was sorely missing)
    -Brawler's Guild: (Solo'ing has always been a thing; and now there's a place specifically designated for showing your skill/mettle? More bosses please!)
    -Scenery:(Vale of Eternal Blossoms and Jade Forest were beautifully designed, I definitely got a sense of exploration/awe/wonder when first setting steps in there)
    -Music:(Masterfully done as usual. I can listen to WoW soundtracks on their own)

    -Design Philosophy: (The more it goes towards entitlement, trophies-for-all, and instant-gratification -- the more it pushes me away)
    -Asian Theme: (I thought the zones and lore was worthy of Blizzard's name, and I have nothing against Asian culture, but this was not Warcraft in any sense)
    -CRZ: (Whatever identity servers had is now gutted. Especially now with the Cross-Realm additions)

    TL;DR - The aesthetics were top notch as usual (aside from awful gear design/implementation IMHO) but the meat and potatoes of the game is being destroyed by entitlement, instant-gratification, and trophies-for-all hive minds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SL1200 View Post
    LOL at all the posts saying it was a great expansion I played it for 3 months and unsubbed. If it was any good you wouldn't have spent most of it unsubbed.
    "Stop liking what I don't like"

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    Pretty great if I say so myself. Hell, I'll even dare to say MoP is better than Wrath.
    Still prefer Wrath's lore and aesthetics, though. Never gets old.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boogums View Post
    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of skill, luck will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same deck and the exact same level of luck, skill will decide the victor.
    If two players have the exact same luck and the exact same level of skill, the deck will decide the victor.

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    MOP was my favorite expansion so far. For the first time I felt like we were in a place where people lived, and you were part of that living world. The music, the style, the great Panda Culture, just loved it all.
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    I selected indifferent. I mean a lot of it was alright but I didn't care for the overall Asian theme, the slacking on pvp balance and killing world pvp annoyed me. On the other hand flex is probably the best thing blizz has done since they decided to wipe out 25 man pugs for the entitled crowd at the end of wrath. I am subbed at the moment but have had more breaks this expac than I normally do. I'm looking forward to going to back to a more 'warcrafty' theme next expac.

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    Asian Theme? It was awesome. Something wow had only dipped in before(Night Elf architecture draws hints from Korea). Pandas too cute? Yeah those Dread Wastes quests and Taran Zhu sure were cute and cuddly! I feel like the people saying they hated the theme(even though they admit it was executed very well) and the Pandaren are just grasping at straws for things not to like about this expac. As far as blunders go the biggest was probably the Daily Gating in 5.0 and how 5.3 was executed.

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    I love seeing that 2/3 of the poll shows positive. Means Blizz did something right. Even the president doesn't have a 66% approval rating.

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    Considering my account has been active since Jan 06, I'm impressed they still manage to keep me satisfied with my sub.
    The game has always improved in one way or the other, but as anyone who frequents forums know, there's always the Cry Topic of the month. Together with (in a grand perspective) insignificant things that people just keep repeating when they want to complain. In MoP this was dailies, since people apparently can't manage their playtime and certainly seemed unable to realize that if you did all dailies every day, you would be months away from buying all Valor items quite quickly.

    Cataclysm is rated after the boredom of 4.3, WotLK (at the time) was hated for gated ICC that lasted 13 months and for being "the downfall of wow, world of casualcraft". But now no one remembers that apparently. Or that all 3.0 raid content was cleared within 3 days of release. Such things just fade away...
    So, in two expansions, will anyone remember how awful it was to do dailies, or will people speak fondly of how we actually had to do something for our reputation instead of a tabard?

    Nostalgia is a funny thing.
    Players ask for everything to be faster, easier and completely optional and then when they get bored they can't understand why.

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    I enjoyed all of it from the theme, to the playable race/class, to the content. I enjoyed having a lot to do, especially as a pet collector. I enjoyed being able to do LFR (most of the time). Everything was really fun.
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    btw: Spires of Arak = Arakkoa.

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    MoP was definitely an improvement over Cata and it has set the stage for WoD to be a really awesome expansion. With that said, I think MoP could have been a lot better than it was.

    The new talent tree's could have been a lot better handled than they were. There were a lot of situations where one talent significantly out performed the other "choices". Also, a lot of the talents were things that classes had before the change and made it so you were then forced to pick between abilities you use to have anyway.

    PvP could have been handled way better than it was. The introduction of Battle Fatigue significantly impacted Classes like Retribution Paladins who were designed around healing them self to stay alive. There also should have been a lot more frequent nerfs and buffs to classes (this stands true even right now). PvP Power has done a decent job of making PvP gear better than PvE gear for rated PvP. I am not a big fan of so much baseline resilience though.

    Raids were pretty good over all given the theme of Pandaria. I wasn't personally a big fan of ToT but SoO is a very good final raid for the expansion.

    Pet Battles were a good addition to the game as a side thing to do.

    Over all I think Mists Of Pandaria was good. My List of best Expansions would go like this,

    BC > Wotlk > MoP > Cata

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    It was definitely a positive experience. Probably the best time I had in WoW since classic and BC. One of the main things that drew me to it was the whole Asian theme to it because I'm really into Asian culture. The music was awesome especially the Asian themed ones of course and I loved, still love, playing as a Pandaren. I only have a Monk so far but I'd like to make other classes as a Pandaren like a Warrior or Mage. Hell, I even bought the collectors edition for this one which was the first time I actually bought a CE of one of WoW's expansion so that right there just tells you how excited I was to play it.

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    As far as new content and lore goes, it was pretty damn cool. But I feel they went backwards in a lot of areas, mainly leveling experience, dailies, reputations, Timeless Isle and especially PvP to name a few.

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    after the cata garbage it was pretty cool, had it flaws and isn't as awesome as bc/wotlk but still good.

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    In between.
    The dungeons are pretty boring for me. Well besides the remakes. I love the new SM.
    I haven't done any raiding outside of trying to catch up with LFR. So of course the fights were pretty dull. Though I was never fan of oversized dungeons (raids).
    Questing was nice, a bit too fast paced. Hit level 88 in Jade Forest.

    The new mounts are lovely! I want them lol. But I keep starting over on toons and don't feel like playing my main (druid).

    While I do play every day, and from morning till night. I dislike having to do dailies, I'd rather put on a tabard and grind dungeons over and over again. I like doing dungeons. So I was disappointed when I found out they removed tabards. I hated dailies in BC, hated them in WoTLK, I don't remember anything in Cata lol. So of course I would not like them now. Though it's nice that they do add a little bit of rep in with the dungeons.

    The only thing I really enjoy in this game are the dungeons. They're fun now, though I enjoyed WoTLK dungeons more.
    I never really cared about gear, I just like running dungeons lol.

    One thing I hated was Timeless Isle. I don't mind PvP, I love it. It's fun as heck when you're able to do 1v2. But when your own faction can kill you in the open world and continue to do so EVEN if you have the debuff? No not fun. Good concept, just ugh the blood coiners lol. Heck I loved the isle in BC. Then again the gear difference wasn't huge either as it is now.

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    Okay so after all the nay saying towards those of us who saw pandas as a kungfu panda ripoff, I can safely say at the end of this xpac, they ARE kungfu panda ripoff, in part. Same looks. Same favor of voice acting. Same look to the terrain. Some of the same side story on side quests. It IS kungfu panda.
    You can admit that much or admit you're a dirty damn liar as far as I am concerned.
    Does it bug me it's kungfu panda sort of? Not really.
    But at least admit it.
    If you saw all the training stuff, did the quest lines to break boards and such complete with montage and still did not see it, you're playing wow with something over your eyes, I think it's denial.

    Now, onto the topics past that I feel worth mention.
    Locks, got f'd in the A, on Sat-ur-day in the end.
    Role change by glyph was a MONUMENTAL idea, and they could have really, really developed something sort of fresh, but NOOOOOOOO shafted.
    Legendaries for everyone, it was an interesting step and change, but it still isn't quite as awesome.
    Maybe something in between incredibly miraculous to get and omfg so easy is still being sorted out.
    Community connection, should have been better this xpac, but I found I was nearly as solo as cata once lfr came about.
    Not sure if that's as much me as community/tool sin the game.
    I HAVE been thrilled with the reiterations of other raid browser.
    Orcs, so sick of orc-story eleventy-seven point oh.
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    Positive. Only thing that disappointed me was the lack of 5-man dungeons, but apart from that... best expansion since TBC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbamboozal View Post
    Okay so after all the nay saying towards those of us who saw pandas as a kungfu panda ripoff, I can safely say at the end of this xpac, they ARE kungfu panda ripoff, in part.
    Everyone is absolutely entitled to their opinion, but I always like to lay out the facts when presented with assumption:

    Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos released on July 3, 2002. This was the introduction of the Pandaren. Source

    Kung Fu Panda released on June 6, 2008 almost 6 years after the introduction of the Pandarens and the monk concept - Source

    If there is a ripoff, I think the timeline should show WHO the actual ripoff artist was.

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    I think the game gets better and better, but this expac overall sucked. Panda were too hard to take seriously, Pandaria lacked a central conflict that was in the WoW theme; i get that they need to expand the lore, but they should have done it around existing canon and not make up a brand new set of canon. But whatever. I like LFR was nice, lack of rewards on heroics sucked. Basically i'm glad i played for a few months at the start and end of expac, feel i really did the whole thing without wasting months of doing little.

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    Indifferent. The PVP has gotten to the worst point it has ever been at. PVE is same old with more bullshit recycled content and gear models in every tier. Still better than other recent MMOs.

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    -Raiding was great from start to finish. A few bad bosses, but overall great.
    -Timeless Isle and Isle of Thunder were great solo/casual/alt content. A little too grindy, but good overall.
    -Pandaria is gorgeous. I was worried the eastern theme and WoW's art style may clash, but they worked perfectly.
    -World bosses have been fun, if a little frustrating, throughout. Especially with faction tagging.
    -Bonus rolls are a great idea, and work beautifully aside from repeat loot.

    -Farm was a good idea, but was a little grindy.
    -VP Upgrade system is also a good idea, but feels like you're forced to VP cap each character each week. Grindy.
    -Scenarios. Good idea in theory, very very boring in practice. Neutral because I enjoy 5 minute HScens for 130 VP.

    -Daily quests in 5.0 and 5.1. 5.0 is the single grindiest period in WoW's history, including vanilla. AWFUL design.
    -Pet battles are annoying and boring, though I suspect I am not it's target audience.
    -Lack of additional 5-man content has made dungeons irrelevant except for 5 minute VP runs.
    -Justice Points were completely useless for the first what, 9 months of the game?
    -Class balance was as bad as always. Discipline Priests and especially Warlocks were absolutely insane for the entirety of MoP.
    -VERY alt unfriendly for the first year. Rectified somewhat now, but was a huge issue for a long time.
    -Warforged/TF are a cop-out to prolong content. It's frustrating as fuck to go months without seeing your BiS item drop because of WF/TF.

    I still had a great time this expansion. The negatives are mostly small issues, while the positives are big picture kinda things.

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