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    Raid encounters were good. Everything else (gameplay changes, lore, aesthetics, "content") in MoP was a big pile of ****. Even Cata was better and that wasn't a pinnacle of perfection either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhamses View Post
    I don't understand how anyone couldn't have enjoyed this expansion. IMO, it was the best one yet.
    Visually, it was stunning. But, as someone who is not a fan of Asian decor, I found it difficult to handle at times.

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    My second favorite expansion so far behind BC. I liked the unified look of the continent, and the updated graphics. I liked how Pandas were a break from WoW's cheesy attempts at being dark and ~*tragic past*~ and there was no Metzen screaming to Metzen while Metzen narrates how you kill the boss. I also liked the class updates and even though SoO is a bit dull, I think it has had the most overall unified and strong raiding tiers so far.

    So to sum it up:

    -pandas are not my thing,but their lore is fleshed out and they are well designed. Works for me!
    -strong overall raiding. Even good past patches were often followed up by "clunker" raids. (Example, the greatness of uld quickly followed up by toc... Ugh) I think all of the raiding tiers were strong this time around.
    -on that note, flex is amazing and feels far more like "real" raiding than lfr.
    -gorgeous zones. Cata and LK both had some zones that were gloomy and depressing, and I just subconsciously seem to like running around in open fields and jungles more.
    - the sheer amount of stuff to do has kept me more entertained throughout the entire expansion than any other so far.

    -panda design is a bit fat and cutesy for my taste. I would've preferred more like the old school Chen drawings.
    -5.0's dailies dailies dailies dailies dailies
    -the legendary quest line had quite a few parts that felt more like subscription-lengthening filler than epic challenges, though they are on the right track.
    -valor was tough to get early in, which combined with the daily overload really burned me out.

    Overall, I'd give it an A-.

    BC: A+
    Pandaria: A-
    Cata: B
    LK: C

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    Liked the expansion at first but kinda grew to dislike it over time. Main reason I disliked it were the changes to my warlock, the overall changes were good but playing it in raids just became too much micromanaging and staring at addons which took a lot of the enjoyment away for me. I think a lot of that's going away in WoD which I'm excited about but I've played warlock since release as my main and this expansion was the first that made me not care for it as much anymore. I also really disliked the Asian theme the expansion had and felt like the story wasn't really all that interesting until SoO when it kind of came to a culmination of sorts.

    I'm also meh on the new talent system. I think the talents themselves are interesting but I wish there were more talents and I wish they still had some type of talent trees like the old ones maybe without having new abilities or spells located in them. Overall I just left this one feeling disappointed but I recognize there was some good content and some good changes made.. maybe they just don't appeal to me though.

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    Got bored very quickly of the oriental theme, it was too much, a whole expac of it just wore me down. Combine that with the rep grind at the start, the 'compulsory' lesser charm grind, the bloated raid tier, the farmville grind and you had yourself a really terrible start to an expansion. I felt it got better as the expansion went along. I think the changes made to raiding will really help and hopefully they wont make a mistake with the first bit of content.

    Oh and the Legendary quest was shit, one of the shittest thing's ive done to achieve an award. LFR was also turgid.

    Its all balanced out because I really liked Flexi, I really like scenarios (ye gods) and I really like pet battles.

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    Overall MoP was good.
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    The xpac that made me quit WoW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by draykorinee View Post
    LFR was also turgid.
    full to bursting... or the euphemistic usage.

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    Wish they'd implement a decent talent system and bring back trainers among other things but on the whole it's been pretty fun.

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    Absolutely loved it, both lore wise and gameplay wise. Best expansion IMO.

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    It was the opposite of cataclysm.
    Started with semi-garbage and ended up good.
    Would've ended up golden if the 5 man heroics weren't soloable on 500+ ilvl

    Edit: The biggest personal problem with MoP, was the chinese theme. It was overwhelmingly overdone.

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    MOP reached a new low for Blizzard's game quality and content amount. I am frankly floored that MOP achieved to be even worse than Cataclysm.

    I am glad that WoD is coming back to WoW-theme with Orcs and darker storyline and getting away from the MOP crap of pandas and China.

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    I think it had a lot of quality and Blizz took the time with little details, which is appreciated.

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