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    Need help with my shadow priest!

    I have a 560 ilvl and can only pull 170-180k ub on a dummy it just doesn't seem right. Can someone give me some tips because i know my dot up time is almost perfect and the cast order is correct. Here is my armory possibly its a gear issue My characters name is ziggss and i am on the server cho'gall( it will not let me post my armory till i post a few times sadly. And if possible could someone do a single target simulationcraft for me? thank you! went to the 18215 haste cap and i lost alot of dps and no i change often, in a week i probably change almost every fight. on protectors i average like 320-400k but others like 200-300k

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    Singel target DPS on shadow priest is horrible at the moment.
    However in fights like the protectors where you can use multidotting and aoe abilities a bit more you will go up the DPS chain.

    On single target fights we will stay behind ao the numbers you are showing are not surprising.
    Now i raid mostly as disc so i`m not sure how much i can pull on shadow but i have seen lots of differences in numbers as well.

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    The pre-WotLK Mind Flay animation. 2nd biggest reason for rolling a Priest, biggest obviously being Shadowform. Anyone who uses Glyph of Shadow should reroll Hunter, filthy blasphemers.

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