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    2.0 Demon Hunter Builds

    So, I haven't played this in a long while, but now that 2.0 has rolled out I'm looking to try it again and i'm not sure how good my numbers really are. Curious if anyone knows what the go to skills/runes/passives are now.

    Here's what I'm rocking right now: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/B...3/hero/1346143

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    What i'm using right now (also on profile) BUILD - the idea is anyway to complete the Danetta set because of dualwielding bonus (and set being awesome).

    What i'm planning to use for HC - BUILD will probably add archery at 70, but survivability has the priority.
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    Any solid Demon Hunter leveling builds out there? (2.0 RoS from lvl 40 up on Expert)

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    I'm rocking a cold damage based build (Frost Arrow), and it works wonderful :-)
    Running T4 - as soon as I can get a 4th piece of Marauders/Ring of Royal Grandeur I should be able to do T5 comfortably due to the amount of pets

    Burst is lower than a traditional fire build, but I enjoy this much more, and it is excellent for kiting and killing whites (and elites go fast quite fast aswell) :-)


    The build I use gives you a lot of slow, which might help you out, if you are just returning to the class. However, the most popular builds around seems to be based upon Cluster Arrow :-)

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