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    [JC] MoP Meta Gems

    So, my monk has hit 600 JC about 2 months ago, I almost got all rare cut recipes.

    But I still only have "Destructive Primal Diamond", I've been grinding mobs for quite some hours in timeless isle/ pandaria, random heroics, lfr, but I don't get any DROP what so ever.

    is there anything I have to do to make them drop? is there any good place to farm them?

    edit: in case anyone else was looking for this:

    I've been looking at each specific recipe on wowhead and on some pages people were suggesting Vale of Eternal Blossoms, farming mogu opening with cage keys, they have a chance to drop them.

    I got 3 out of 3 chests and 1 meta from a mob, 4 in 20 mins!
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    Sadly its just a nitemare rng chance on any 90 mobs. That will be one postive thing about wod removing metas.

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    damn that's annoying. I hoped that I missed some random prequest that allows me to loot them

    too bad

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