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    Got 90 Lock, Mage and DK but always wanted to give Warrior tanking a go, will probably be used on this although Rogue/Druid is also tempting.

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    I have a high level lock, pally, monk, and druid so those are out. I might up my low lvl goblin female shammy, Perryhussy.

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    I'm probably going with rogue, although it would be nice with a tank/healer for change, but I guess I will have to manage

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    Currently all classes are 540+ilvl so thinking about warlock on ally side at another server.
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    Use it on a 3rd warlock that will be level 60 by the time I do it, thus getting free professions
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    Most likely another warlock or another hunter.

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    I got 9 85s and 1 90 (my main pally). My monk is still lvl 60 something. Prolly will be the monk. Though honestly, the character i miss the most playing is the druid.. as healer.
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    Rogue. Leveling became extremely boring and slow for me around lvl 40.

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    my alt mage on horde side, level 85. but all my alliance are already 90

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    a level 65 mage. Don't feel like leveling through Northrend, cata, and Panderia again, plus the professions boost will be nice.

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    Probably a Horde character. I still need my Double Agent achievement.

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    Quote Originally Posted by d0cHolland View Post
    You're going to use your free level 90 boost on a level 88 character?
    not that stupid considering he gets max professions as well as get to skip the worst content in game: mists of pandaland

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    Warrior, all the others are already 90...

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    Shaman or Mage for another caster alt.

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    I have everything already, and way too many 90's, and five accounts. I roleplay though so some of my boosts will be my story characters. I don't have one chosen for the first or fifth account, but the second account will be a hunter, the third will be a mage, and the fourth will be a warlock. I'm thinking about rolling some newbies on high pop servers for the other two so I can crossrealm myself for world bosses.

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    I allready have locks on both sides of the fence, and will level a third in WoD to see what the leveling is like for fresh locks, so that needs to be done from scratch. Have most other classes to 90, missing Mage, Warrior and Monk. So it's 1 of those 3.

    Mage I have a level 45 on my Horde server, and since I can now ship my heirlooms there that will probably be easy enough to level the rest of the way now. Leaves Monk + Warrior, and I have NO clue yet which of the 2 I'll pick. Monk is easier to level with their XP boost quests. Warrior will probably be more fun to play as while leveling. It will in the end come down to which one I think I'll enjoy leveling most and then boost the other one. Always a small outside chance I'll still pick my main server's Mage to boost instead, so I have a full stable there, especially if I feel like Monk and Warrior will BOTH be fun enough to level.

    If I had to pick one right now I'd go with the Warrior.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OokingDooker View Post
    Another lock.
    The only real answer here

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    Mage for sure.

    While - like all self-respecting warlock main - I loathe them as a class, I don't mind the playstyle. But my god, there are no words to describe how dull leveling a mage is. No matter what spec you play it's boring as all hell.

    It'll also be my backup if they completely gut and kill warlocks for good this expansion. I doubt it'll happen as nothing (even Dragon Soul and the majority of WotLK) has made me quit my lock thus far, but it's always nice to have a plan.

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    Not sure tbh.

    Have 11 toons on my main server, 10 Horde (8 x 90, 1 x 86 and 1 x 80 - gearing her for Herald) and 1 Alliance (90 Druid).

    Have all classes, so my roll it on another server or maybe just upgrade the 80 (it is my bank character though, level 1 Guild meh).

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