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    Demon Special Ability (Destro)

    So, last night I remembered my demon have a special ability, for the Observer its Optical Blast with 24 seconds CD. He cannot cast it himself with telling him to do that (/cryfromtheinside)

    My questions are, is this ability even worth in raid, mostly for dps increase. And second, is it better to macro it with other spell (which one) or just use alone whenever it's on CD.

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    sacc the voidwalker, gg.
    most serious fights have too many parts where the pets either can't attack or get borked by terrain.

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    Destro gets to the point we're you can use GoSac again.
    If you just love having your pet, that's great too! Honestly, use which ever one you like their DPS is super close.
    The blast isn't a DPS boost since it's mostly for Silence. That will always be it's main use.
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    You can Sac the felhunter/use the observer on some fights though. Especially Garrosh for P3 if you're low on interrupts in the raid.

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    I'm rather partial to GoSup with Soul Link myself. 20% passive mitigation and 3% lifesteal is nothing to sneeze at, especially for progression.

    As for DPS increases, the only one I can think of offhand is using your Observer's Clone Magic on Spoils (Mantid) to take Rage of the Empress (Cast by Wind Wielders), at least for current tier. You can also Clone Agility on Xuen on Timeless Isle.
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