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    Warlocks, what will your free 90 be?

    I've been pondering this on and off for a bit now. the only alts ive been able to really max level were ones that were very similar to warlocks in some ways (hunter), or were new enough to interest me at the time, but have mostly fallen by the wayside after i hit max level or are only using them for professions (monk).

    I'm trying to decide between shaman or a rogue. I know leveling a character is mostly trivial but the early levels i get bored with it so the option to do a free one is kinda welcome. I wouldnt have paid for it otherwise.

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    I am torn between pally and rogue... I am more interested in trying out a pally, but I believe it would be easier to level than a rogue since I can just tank que dungeons.. The rest I have at at least 85+..

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    A Warrior. It's the only class I've never levelled past 10, and the only one I don't have under 85.

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    My main is an ele shaman... I tryed warrior (for tanking) but did not liked it so im gonna roll with a tauren paladin.

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    I'm unsure. I think rogue because rogue is the only class I've never leveled to max at one point or another. Then again there is a reason for that and I don't want to waste the free one because there is no way I'm paying for one of the boosts. Maybe I'll do a hunter on another server or something

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    Thinking ele shaman or rogue myself. Although I've really been wanting to boost my lvl 85 druid to 90 with veteran boost to get the professions to max as well.

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    I thought the 90 boost was $60 no?

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    I was going to use it on a fresh new toon...but then I realized that I get a profession boost if I boost a 60. I only have ever gotten max skinning and max tailoring, so I'm going to make an Alliance DK, most likely Draenei, get to 60, get JC and BS, and then boost her. I already have a 90 Horde DK (only Horde toon I have heh heh), so I'll know how to play her. I want to boost a toon I know I'll use.

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    I am going to delete my Pandaren Shaman and make an Orc or Tauren one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by muto View Post
    I thought the 90 boost was $60 no?
    WoD preorders get a free 90 boost.

    OT: Not sure. Possibly a second monk. Recently playing on a new server and really like monks, but don't feel like leveling a new one all over again.

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    Probably Hunter or Monk. I think I might be switching to my Rogue as my main in WoD depending on how the semi rework plays out.

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    Druid maybe? Only thing I don't have at 90 though I have several 70'ish ones...(usually the last to leave on the RaF or were just there to boost a friend) but no 90's. Could do some horde/ally mirrors of stuff I already have too...

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    Rogue. It's high time that I have a toon to open the gargantuan amount of lockboxes I've accumulated over leveling all my other toons to 85+.

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    A hunter who is currently sitting at 88. I don't want to have to level up BS / JC yet again...
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    Got all classes already. So it'll be another lock on a different server.

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    Rogue. Seems interesting enough at the level cap, just painful to get there. Then I'm just missing Hunter, Druid and Monk but they seem okay to play through levelling.

    I already have two Warlocks...
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    I already have warrior, paladin, rogue, hunter, 85 druid, and then ofc warlock.

    Only two I actually play right now are warlock and hunter though.

    Really don't care about DK or Monk, it'll probably be a mage or priest, leaning more towards mage since I've always wanted to try out fire.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chaddd View Post
    A hunter who is currently sitting at 88. I don't want to have to level up BS / JC yet again...
    You're going to use your free level 90 boost on a level 88 character?

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