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    WoD preorders get a free 90 boost.
    Pretty sure its all WoD upgraded accounts but if you preorder you get it faster?

    OT: Hunter. For some reason it's the only class I've never gotten higher than level 40ish...
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    A mage most likely, will CE's get the free boost as well? What makes your game valid as pre-order? I buy at a local shop who manages to save a CE for me without having to spend hours in a queue at midnight...

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    I don't have a hunter or a mage @90 so might insta-ding one of those two.but also strongly considering another lock for alt runs or to help a friend's guild.

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    Prob gunna end up boosting a mage cuz I have every other class at 85 or higher. But honestly I dont see myself playing any other pure class, I usually like to tank and heal on alts anyways.

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    Probably an Ally Lock. Not sure why Ally. Just cause.

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    Been thinking my baby Warrior on my main server might get the boost.
    Paladin, however, is the class I've never managed to level to 70+.
    A Gnome Rogue is kind of tempting at the moment though.

    So who knows.

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