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    Capacitive Primal Meta for Prot?

    Is this still viable, I was hearing alot of people saying that this gem was better than the actual stam gem, but then later I heard a dev saying that they dind't like that, is it still best or they changed it to not make it the best?

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    Depends on the situation. I'd probably still stick with the tank meta for raid settings as the extra damage gained from the meta can be more than gained from the damage players doing better outside of Vengeance cheesing. Soloing though I'd go with Capacitive.

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    Well, the damage that the Meta will do has been fairly significantly nerfed and will only count for around 3% of your total damage done. Unless you are absolutely pushing you will more than likely get more benefit from using the Tank meta and using its proc to take more damage, more vengeance and thusly more DPS

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