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    Eternal Flame not working?:(

    I started to have this problem a couple of months back; sometimes when I use Eternal Flame it consumes the holy power (it doesn't matter if I use EF with 1, 2 or 3 holy power) but the target gets no heal and/or HoT. Very annoying. Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any idea what might be causing it?
    It doesn't happen very often, but still at least 3-4times per raid evening and sometimes at very inconvenient times.

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day
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    Nope, it's just you. It would also help if you stated when and where your problem actually happens instead of having us make guesses here.
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    Are you maybe using an addon or macro that, with a slight misclick, would make you just heal yourself?
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    Thanks for the fast replies guys.
    Yes, you are right PosPosPos, I can't see any pattern for it since it sometimes happens during raids and sometimes just out in the wild, and sometimes in the arena or BGs. I don't believe it happens after a specific sequence of spells either.

    I have checked and double checked that Regen, it happens even with 0 addons and 0 macros, and even if it would by accident go off on myself then I would recieve the heal and HoT. It just consumes my holy power and gives nothing every now and then. Combat log says there was no EF cast, yet I loose the holy power. I don't know if I should bug report it either, since it seems it only happens to me it's got to be a problem on my end =/

    (sorry for bad english)

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    I'd say go ahead and report it on through the bug-report system, but odds are that Blizzard is just going to tell you to delete your cache and .wtf folders (which isn't necessarily a bad idea).

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    Not had any trouble with it. Used it earlier, works fine all the time.
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    I think it's more likely a problem with you UI lagging behind regarding how many HP you had before you "casted" the EF. IE, you didn't have the HP to cast the EF. Since you mention that you can see in combatlog that the EF didn't go off, maybe you can link log and we can see the HP usage?

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