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There is absolutely no reason why you should be beaten by a resto druid while 3 healing normals with 560 ilvl, unless you are doing something terribly wrong that is.
You definitely shouldn't be obliterated by the druid. There are some fights that they might out-do disc horribly are Malkorok and possibly the Klaxxi.

10 mans are also an entirely different beast than 25s for disc (and holy, actually) and the heals are usually a bit closer on the meters.

A gear score of ~160 does mean that you should be doing much more than 80k, though. Looking at your gear you could use a little more crit, less haste, less spirit (especially with the meta - you shouldn't need 12k! I use about 9k and monitor my rapture and meta procs) and lose those spirit gems. On your cloak you reforged out of mastery into crit, but you should have taken it from haste, and you should reforge out of haste on your belt and boots too.