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    Summary of today's SSM BG. Fear. Fear. Fear. Horrify. Stun. Fear. Fear. Stun. Dead. Change is good and it's something I want to see soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tauntor View Post
    I really like the fast pace of pvp right now. Im terrified after reading everything that its going to be very slow. That Ill need to 2v1 someone to kill them quickly in a bg even if they are a bot. But you all sound pretty confident so Im going to remain excited. I hope it all works out well.
    It should take longer to kill someone, but its going to take a lot longer to get them back to full health too.

    Fewer silences, fewer CC, no disarms, more root DR, less instant CC, less crit damage, fewer burst CDs, less instant healing....everything sounds good to be honest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asthreon View Post
    If anything they are adding a bit more complexity to PvP.

    Since now it won't just be *pop all Cooldowns, burst down 1 person while other person is in 30secs of CC*

    Now people will actually have to think their way around how to take down opponents.

    But as usual people will scream "HURR DURR DUMBING GAME DOWNS HURR" and the like as they always do when there is any change to the game.
    I was going to post a reply to this, and then noticed that Asthreon already beat me to what I was going to say.

    The removal of things like burst cooldowns, instant CCs, and blanket silences is the act of getting RID of things that "dumb down" PvP.

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    Because it is fun to be chain stunned with nothing to do but watch yourself die when trinket is on cooldown, especially as a caster when abilities have cast times so that even if stuns end with you still alive you are unable to do anything for a further 4 seconds due to silences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhaine View Post
    If you haven't read, they're removing all disarms, all instant CC's, reducing Pet CC, Removing Silences attached to interupts

    Interested to hear the thoughts of others
    This is not "watering down", this is making the game playable again. Base resilience, chain CC's and over-the-rainbow healing have been the major annoyances in PvP over the past years, it's a required remedy. Great thing Blizzard finally mustered the guts to see it through.
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    It's not dumbing down pvp. It's putting more emphasis on things that should matter like positioning and actual CC coordination. Today's PVP is popping swifty one shots while simultaneously chaining 30 seconds of CC and killing someone. There is absolutely no punishment in today's PVP for overlapping CC. PVP shouldn't be about who has more buttons to use. It should be about who has the best coordination and positioning.

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    It's good changes, i like to be able to move my character every now and then, something that is hard to do with all cc in the game now.

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