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    Lvl 100 talent! Hpal!

    I know they are bound to change, but I'm interested in the Dual beacons of light! I think it's gonna be the main choice of every hPal.

    Maybe the Seal of Fate, if you know you're going to be trained. The last talent seems very week IMO. 30% of HP or 10 seconds. Maybe good if you're in a CC or out of range. But the double Beacon seems to be the one I'm most excited about!

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    It's hard to say without knowing the changes of other spells and talents. However double beacon doesn't sound that attractive to me since a lot of it's healing is overheal anyway. It's good to drop on a tank and then forget. If the second tank isn't actively taking damage then there is really not much reason to put a beacon on him to do 90% overheal.

    Divine Conviction looks like a passive oops I screwed up to me. It protects tanks from being two shotted. But if tanks are getting 2 shotted then something is wrong right there.

    With the removal of base heal Seal of Faith seems quite strong especially for the current SH healing model. It does feel a bit wrong to focus on doing damage ad healer to do more healing however with current spells and talents Seal of Faith is so much stronger than the other two talents that they aren't even an option.

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    You may want to check out this thread: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...on-(All-Specs)

    Seal of Faith isn't being implemented.
    Living the casual life, oh yeah.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucyrotten View Post

    Seal of Faith isn't being implemented.
    Thank Freaking God!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diggy View Post
    Thank Freaking God!
    Indeed. I wonder if they will replace it with something beacon related effectively making it the beacon tier.

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    I don't heal but I agree with BaltazarDZ that double beacon sounds good but practically more situational. It could stand out on actual cleave healing fight like Garajal, or those when both tanks are active, mostly council or twin type.

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