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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    Just remove crz from Storm Peaks and Deepholm and people will be happy.
    and Uldum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phasma View Post
    and Uldum
    I dont think most players know about the camel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giscoicus View Post
    I dont think most players know about the camel
    I was just asked about the Camel by two different people last week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    if you dont want to get ganked - dont level on a pvp server.

    CRZ is an awesome feature.
    I swear I want to punch every PVPer who complains about CRZ... I'm a PVEer, and I HATE it... THAT has problems on my PVE server that screws things up while fixing next to nothing other than "bad advertizing" to new players who see mostly empty zones.

    It was what kept me from buying Pandaria prior - but since enough people have left (and they seemingly tweaked it) there's still people, but not the friggin queue-lines to kill Chillmaw like I experienced before.

    But still, I'd be happy without it on my PVE server - you can keep it for your PVP whateverness you all do. :P
    Isn't it immature that you call him Donald "Dump"?
    I agree, it's childish and stupid - and that's my point. it's meant as a deliberate mockery of his blatant disrespect via using "Crooked Hillary", and thus I can call him "Dump" since he dumps his campaign promises, dumps campaign managers, dumps his wives, wants to dump the first amendment, dumps common-sense war ethics and dumps the use of proper English in favor of a mongrel white-trash dialect.

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    Oh hey this thread again. The best compromise would be to have personal spawns of rares/nodes, but at a much smaller rate than regular spawns. Faster mob respawns or shared tags on everything would alleviate a lot of issues and stress. Big or small though, I just miss seeing people on my OWN server, not some cesspool of pseudo merged servers.
    Stay salty my friends.

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    Yes CRZ sucks and needs to go.

    It will continue to suck until they implement shared mob tagging and personal nodes.
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    I do not need to be constructive in this thread, nor provide an argument. There is nothing here to actually debate. Your reasoning is flawed and thusly you have no argument.
    ↑ Epitome of Internet Logic

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    Once had Time-Lost spawn on me while I was across my room, got to my computer, I was sent to another realm. No Time Lost for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Superman-BladesEdge View Post
    Now that the issue is being addressed via realm mergers, there is no longer a need to be crossed with realms outside of our own merger.
    Given that even fairly balanced high pops have CRZ in various zones there still an ongoing purpose for it. I might not like CRZ and its general disruption to the continuity of gameplay, to say it is no longer needed and its only purpose was a bandaid is short sighted.

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    I knew CRZ was going to be a nightmare the moment they announced it, but for some reason people defended it. It actually turned out worse because of how buggy it was. I agree worst implementation ever!

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    How many of you loiter in the flying threads cheering for the removal of flying since it will 'get you to interact with people in the world' and then whine here about people being in your world?

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