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    Understanding the rube system

    I've played my dk on and off since wrath, but throughout it's incarnations, I've never really grasped the rune system. During wrath I ran as Blood dps, which was incredibly rotational, during cata I ran frost which was wack a mole. I can still "get by" on playing similar now but I really don't enjoy it. It really does feel like I dont know what I'm doing, then I get rune locked and cos I haven't played correctly I wait around for runes to come off cd.
    I've heard the standard rune bar is really quite poor, so I should change that first, I've seen all the guides on here, icy veins etc.
    I suppose I'm after and "idiots guide to the rune system" just a very simple what to watch for? What not to do etc.
    I really do like my dk, I just can't grasp it this xpac.

    By no means am I averse to a complex class, I've played a feral Druid for example to a decent standard, I just seem to have a mental block on dks

    Edit, yes I see I put "rube system" damn fat fingers
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    At the very basics, rune regenerate over time and via Level 75 talent procs.

    I would advise is to start thinking of rune bars as energy bars, one for each rune pair type.
    So a Frost energy bar, a Unholy and Blood etc.
    When the bar is 50% full 1 out of the 2 runes is available to use. When the bar is 100% 2 out of the 2 runes is available to use the bar is full and therefore won't regenerate beyond that. This is why you see most guides saying stuff like "Howling Blast with both frost or both death off cooldown", because this will get your runes regenerating and any time your runes are full is wasted regen time.

    The next thing is the Level 75 talents. Blood Tap and Runic Empowerment, both refill a random "fully depleted rune".
    A "fully depleted rune" is when you spend both runes in a pair, the first rune will start regenerating over time, and the second is "fully depleted". It is this second fully depleted rune that can be refreshed via these talents.

    I think i've rambled on a fair deal now, feel free to ask specific questions.

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    First of all what you should do is look for an addon that tracks your runes.
    There are many different kinds (some show only runes, others show procs and track buffs etc.)
    Personally, I go with Yury's Rune Display, this only shows runes and is probably the simplest rune addon out there, but I would suggest trying different ones and see what you prefer the most.

    Then I would suggest going to Icy-veins and reading more about Death Knights, this will help you understand.


    Then all you need is practice. You will get used to runes, you won't even have to look at them 24/7.

    Good Luck

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