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    (PVE) For fights where you get debuffed (which is always a few), being able to self dispel is so valuable. Dwarf therefore seems op for some fights. However, they may make it so some things are not dispellable by stoneform, in which case, it is similar to the others.

    Subject to the above, they all seem similar, which is great and gives people a choice for the first time.

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    As PvE'er mainly, I am just happy my Night Elf will be getting newer racials that actually benefit me multiple ways in a raid. I am glad I have held off all these years from race changing!
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    I am happy that they are bringing all of the racials in line with each other. It really looks like they are trying to have each provide a similar dps boost while having a utility ability as well. Utility wise, Stoneform seems ridiculous now and I really do not think that they will keep it like that.

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