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    TBC was a bzillion times more epic than pandaland, numbers were readable then. Go to sleep

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    its quite comical and sad that people are this upset about the numbers.

    oh noes we moved the decimal place, the sky is falling the sky is falling

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    I prefer the numbers of TBC and WoTLK, not that I mind my Chaos Bolts hitting 2mil+. But yea, I welcome the squish.... the numbers aren't what makes WoW feel epic, to me atleast.

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    Im with you on this one, I don't know i just like big numbers.

    I do however understand why it is needed, doesn't mean i won't miss having more than 1 million hp as a tank.

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    It's all relative.
    Interestingly; if one should play on a vanilla wow server for little while... they might find that things like epic mounts become hugely epic and important again! Let alone the baron mount!

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    I've made my peace, and I am ready for the squish...
    I will however still miss my 1m+ HP on my Blood DK...

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    I should get over it fast enough. Leveling up to 100 will probably be as annoying as in MoP, since we're geared in green shit again. I remember well how weak my character felt.
    Now you see it. Now you don't.

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    Op the large numbers require same processing time as a small number. Wow does not use floating point much, so the larg numbers do not matter. That said i can comprehend 40k better than 40M crits.

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