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    US 25man Dream Team

    After watching the Olympics this past month a few friends and I talked about a US server fantasy raid team for fun. We went to proraiders and decided to make a fantasy dream team US server guild from the top players there. The fantasy roster is as follows. (Hopefully with good intentions this time)

    Restoration druid: Checksmix-Antonidas
    Mistweaver monk: Hollabakgirl-Antonidas
    Holy paladin: Virsta-Kil'jaeden
    Discipline priest: Sacer-Mal'Ganis
    Holy priest: Music-Stormrage
    Restoration shaman: Notmojo-Windrunner

    Blood Dk: Thetruealpha-Mal'Ganis
    Gaurdian druid: Shiftur-Thrall
    Brewmaster monk: Gazebos-Magtheridon
    Prot paladin: Scield-Thrall
    Protection warrior: Nachtwarrior-Illidan

    Frost Dk: Arv-Stormrage
    Unholy Dk: Cruelinator-Sergeras
    Balence druid: Fountaiin-Kil'jaeden
    Feral druid: Maximum-Zul'jin
    Beast master hunter: Megabloks-Kil'jaeden
    Marksmanship hunter: Conjor-Zul'jin
    Survival hunter: Cliperlol-Sergeras
    Arcane mage: ARnold-Magtheridon
    Fire mage: Wobe-Bleeding Hollow
    Frost mage: Eatmysheep-Antonidas
    Windwalker monk: Monarch-Mal'Ganis
    Retribution paladin: Solsacra-Mal'Ganis
    Shadow priest: Drye-Magtheridon
    Assassination/Sublety rogue: Latinoheatt-Bleeding Hollow
    Combat rogue: Killars-Zul'jin
    Combat rogue: Bty-Zul'jin
    Elemental shaman: Brightleaf-Illidan
    Enhancement shaman: Soupdojour-Zul'jin
    Restoration shaman: Notmojo-Windrunner
    Affliction warlock: Smashyyshgj-Magtheridon
    Demonology warlock: Moruff-Bleeding Hollow
    Destruction warlock: Xploit-Frostmourne
    Arms warrior: Deathbanner-Hyjal
    Fury warrior: Archimtiros-Antonidas

    Didnt really think about a coaching staff- raid leaders, GM, officers, ect.
    Would be really exciting to see all of these players in the same guild! This was just for fun in the spirit of the Olympics.

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    Round 2: FIGHT!

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    This is going to work.

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    So you made another account to make the same topic again, that's locked on the same page?

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    This was just for fun in the spirit of the Olympics.
    This post is like the Jamaican bobsled team of raiding.

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    Yeah it works out great until you realise that these people get rank 1 on pro raiders by getting TotT etc and doing tactics that favour themselves and their spec to parse while their raid group kills the boss, and that putting them all in the same guild would not get them rank 1s.

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    The last thread was probably the best piece of content this website has produced in like a year, no clue why it was locked.

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    I was going to say this on the other thread but it got locked before I could. Your data uses world of logs.. pretty much everybody moved to warcraftlogs making those data obsolete.

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    Restoration druid: Checksmix-Antonidas
    Blood Dk: Thetruealpha-Mal'Ganis
    Frost mage: Eatmysheep-Antonidas
    Retribution paladin: Solsacra-Mal'Ganis
    Combat rogue: Killars-Zul'jin
    Arms warrior: Deathbanner-Hyjal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    warcraftlogs making those data obsolete.

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    Courtesy of Bty Zul'jin
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    Raid full of Megabloks is the dreamteam

    Number 1 Enchantment shaman world 8) soon to be deathknight

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    I dont even have pr points.
    Damn disc priest and our constant bringing of way too many healers/
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    I actually agree about Killars, but not about spriest. I demand you put me up there.
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    If your unholy DK isn't Joshica you're doing it wrong.

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    I would love to see how the raids would work with 17-18 dps scum bagging

    You must take pro raiders with a pinch of salt, these players are very good but a lot of these guys have their guilds set them up for the ranks by letting them be the only ones that aoe, giving them cooldowns etc

    I speak from experience,in the past i was rank 1 for 2 of my specs , not played the third yet.

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    OP's name is on list and he wants validation.

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