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    Blood Death Knight needing help for progression.

    Recently I've been looking into specs and builds as a blood death knight tanking 10m heroics. The main thing that has been confusing me lately has been the DPS meta/Tank cloak combo while using the dodge/parry build and reforging crit. Is that just a build tanks are using to rank on logs or is it a viable build for pushing heroic kills. The mindset I've used on progression has been "DPS cloak unless I keep messing up" and it has been working so far, but for the most part I am really stuck at a point where I want to improve myself and wondering if this build is actually worth giving a go. ATM I am using the DPS cloak, Tank meta and a dodge/parry build. If anyone can give me tips on improving I can PM logs and my armory if needed. Thank you.

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    Dps meta is useless. Tank cloak is ok, but I use dps one as we have our own death backup anyway.
    Dps wise I'm usually about even with the dps on most fights. (10/14 hc)

    Stat wise I go: 7,5% exp = 7,5%hit > parry > mastery (to around 175%) > whatever you got on gear with highest ilvl

    Dunno where you are on progression though? and what seems to be the problem? are you dying? do you need to do more damage? If you post logs/armory I might be able to help.

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