So those of us who've been around ages in wow. Whether Vanilla, TBC, wotlk, etc.

I was headed to Darkmoon and passed by Goldshire. and as usual, it was riddled by moronic discussions, shouts and duels.

And it was oddly comforting. Almost 10 years now and it's been pretty much the same. It's been consistent.

Now it's not the usual nostalgia iam talking about "game was great, now it sucks". I enjoy the game now and i enjoyed it in the past. Just as its nice to see new things, it's nice to see the old too or things that never change. comfort and fun to be found in both. having a mix of these things in any aspect of your life, even the virtual one's, is healthy. Especially when it comes down to a game you've been playing for a decade or close or even many years.

So excuse me while i take the portal to Darkmoon, theres atleast 5 idiots spamming me with duel flags and bless them for it.