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    I can't increase my screenshot quality

    So I've tried to change between TGA and JPG, and my quality is set to 10, i've gone in on the wtf file and changed it all and hit save, reloaded the game, but the quality remains like this http://i.imgur.com/AhuiJ1n.jpg

    Idk what to do i'm a person who likes taking screenshots but ever since i got a new computer i can't take decent ones, which sucks because i'm running on ultra now

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    I don't belive there's any issue with the screenshot quality, looks normal to me at least, I'd say you have a font issue if you are referring to fonts/text being hard to read, that's the only thing i could really notice.
    I'm using ElvUI as well and i had to change font and font size asap.
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    I think there was some /command for screenshot quality but you have already used it if i understand correctly? Anyway, you can try using some programs for taking screenshots (ie. fraps)

    Edit: also imgur.com compresses .jpg files IIRC.

    Also: try typing these in-game:

    /console screenshotFormat jpg
    /console screenshotQuality 10

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    I don't belive there's any issue with the screenshot quality, looks normal to me at least.
    There's artifacts everywhere.
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    1919x1079? The resolution of the screen is not the same as your monitor's, which I assume is 1920x1080. I imagine that could cause a distortion, rather than a crop.
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    clean your lens

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    I can see what you mean, it's just not crisp like it is ingame. I think you need to find a screenshot program, or if you're doing print screen then pasting into paint for example, try looking at the screenshots folder for WoW that it has, WoW's one might be fine and u may not need another program

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