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    Need chest advice.

    I did a SoO normal raid and a chest piece dropped from nourshen. Currently I have on the flex tier chest. I have 2pc and I have a warforged shoulders (non-tier) from ordos. If I use this chest from nourshen, I wont be able to get 4pc until I do normals, which can be awhile yet. Should I put off gettin 4pc and just stick to the new chest I got? I am assassination so you might know if 4pc is good or not for me.

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    I've not played Assassination much this tier, so my input is a bit lacking on knowledge. From what I have seen though, 4p isn't that great for Assassination. As always, throw it in Shadowcraft for a definitive answer.

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    Check with shadowcraft but IIRC 2pc gloves/chest w/ helm/legs/shoulders OS are BiS for Assassination.

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