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    Taking advantage of dead, low pop servers

    -Are there any interesting ways to make gold on dead servers, like farming rares?

    -Any other interesting things to do on low pop servers that woulnd't be possible to do on high pop servers?

    The server I'm on atm is absolutely empty even with CRZ. There's rares, rares everywhere xD

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    I occasionally farm Warbringers for the mount on low pop realms
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    farm rares. Maybe sell raredrop mounts like tlpd? could work but meh

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    I actually ask loads of friends on low pop servers to transfer me there whenever I'm farming. These include solo'ing warbringers, farming mobs for gold or getting rare pets on my hunter. Farming rares in pandaria that drop fun/useful items is also a nice thing. For example the hardened shell and much other stuff. You can google "vanity items" on google and you will get a link to wowhead that links you all the vanity items and how to get it

    Have fun!

    PS: if you are on EU, mind throwing me a friend req so I can come to your server some time when you have to log out?

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    Yeah I can do that, send me a PM.

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