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    Which challenge mode phoenix looks best in glyphed shadowform?

    Do you, fellow shadow priests, have any pictures of spriests (perhaps yourselves?) while on any of those CM reward mount? Since I only run shadow and you can only have one mount, I'd love to know beforehand how it would look

    (The 4 mounts on wowhead)

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    Ashen or Violet, at least to me

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    they all look equally bad even without shadowform, try ashes of alar

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    Agree with both posts above. Just don't use Glyph of Shadow...
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    I was hoping for some screenshots, pretty please
    I farmed the yellow Elegant set a while ago and then trashed it altogether once I saw myself wearing it in shadowform, I wish I could have seen it earlier :\

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    My vote goes to emerald, sadly I picked ashen but after getting emerald on an alt I just like it so much more :<

    Shame they aren't account wide :S
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