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    Diablo 3 Clan / Community Recruitment Thread

    As of patch 2.0 Clans (and communities) are available in Diablo 3. Whilst you can only join 1 clan, you can join unlimited communities. If you're interested in joining the MMO-Community then please view this thread or search for "MMO Champion" on either EU or NA community lists.

    If you want more information on clans/communities in 2.0 and going forward into RoS, there is an official blizzard blog post explaining it.

    This thread is for clans to list their details here. Any off topic or multiple posts will be deleted and no recruitment is allowed in any other threads in this section but this one. Please do not create a new thread to advertise your clan/community.

    Please use the following template or modify to suit your needs:

    Type: Clan / Community
    Region: NA / EU
    Difficulty: Softcore / Hardcore
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    Type: Clan
    Name: Only Hardcore <OnlyHc>
    Region: EU
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Hardcore
    Description: We are small English speaking hardcore clan. We are focused on personal interaction with other players using voice chat and as such we have a certain age limit for joining. If you join us you can expect a lot of late night dumb conversations while avoiding certain death on hardcore. So if you meet our following requirements hit us up on PM or send an in game clan join request.

    Clan join requirements:
    1) 21+
    2) Mumble (English understanding and speaking)
    3) Torment 3 ready character (more = better)

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    Type: Community
    Name: Ascend Gaming
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Difficulty: any
    We are a strong multi-gaming community, We established back in 2008 and have a strong core in many games including WoW, Tera, GW2 D3 and ESO(soon) We are currently seeking new members for our Diablo 3 chapter. We are recruiting Hardcore players dedicated to grinding that Paragon who are looking for like minded players to grind with, to more casual players who love the games every aspect including PVP.

    We will have many groups, including boss farming, paragon leveling, and PVP.


    Respect - We ask that all our members respect one another.

    Teamwork- Teamwork helps everyone have a great time in game as well has help strengthen our community as a whole.

    Loyalty- We look for members who are looking for a strong community to call home.

    Dedication- which ever part of the game you will be taking part in we ask that you show dedication to our cause. Show up to our events, be on time and prepared with a good attitude.
    Website: Futile#1555 (Can get website from me)

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    Type: Clan
    Name:No Drama Llamas
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Softcore
    No Drama Llama's <NDL> are recruiting people to party up in ROS and get some loot!

    We are a very laid back clan of friends that just BS and have fun

    If your a No Drama Llama like we are, contact me at Chrono#1778

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    Type: Clan
    Name:Brainless Activity <Brains>
    Region: EU
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Any
    Description: We are a friendly group of friends playing together. Some of us are more competitive that others and some of us are more casual than others. We like to group up on voice programs having a good time talking shit while farming different stuff together. We basically recruit anyone who has a maturity over the age of 18.

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    Type: Clan
    Region: US/AU
    Difficulty: Any
    Description:We are a new clan trying to build. Friendly, laid back with the intent of good old fashioned gaming fun and helping each other out, having a chat and a laugh, a team effort. It's all about team so we on't tolerate people who don't play as a team
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    Softcore & Hardcore


    New English speaking clan, RoS based character progression is the main goal. Nephalem rifts, bounties and all kinds of things. Hardcore and Softcore.

    We are aiming to have a lot of fun times in RoS and to be a quality clan. We are just starting out, so the new members, the core members, will have a lot of impact on how this turns out. We will not just invite anyone, we like to think quality > quantity. Having personal experience dealing with people who know next to nothing in the game because they're new, can be quite frustrating. Myself and my friend who made the clan with me are both returning players who've played since 2012.
    If you're interested, keep reading.

    <General Requirements>

    <Must be social and willing to play in groups.
    <Be loyal.
    <Basic knowledge of the game.
    <Be nice at least 85% of the time.
    <Be mature, age isn't important, maturity shown in behavior is.

    <Mode Requirements>

    <Softcore :
    100+ Paragon
    500k+ Sheet DPS (This is the amount of DPS shown on your profile.)

    <Hardcore :
    50+ Paragon
    300k Sheet DPS preferably. (We won't turn you down on this since surviving is key!)

    Contact Zen#2811 in-game or look us up on the clan finder tool.

    Hope to welcome some people to our clan soon!


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    Type: Clan AND Community
    Name: Homicidal Gaming
    Region: NA AND EU
    Language: English, some Spanish
    Difficulty: Softcore
    Description: Homicidal Gaming is LFM! We play multiple games on multiple platforms, 200+ members strong. Add Fastidious#1897
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    Type: Clan
    Name: Echoes of The Lost Ages (EOTLA)
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Softcore
    Description: We will accept anyone, from level one to level 70 with any paragon level. We don't expect anything from you except use common sense and don't get heated about something over nothing. We don't require you have any kind of voice communication, and we don't require you play a game with us every day. We just want you to come in and have fun, talk, and meet new people. We're a social clan and we like to see each other level/succeed at what they want. We will help you along the way if you wish. We are very small at the moment but wish to become large and have active players that can help new players that join the clan. Have fun! Contact me at onisan123#1386 or search for the clan at EOTLA or Echoes of The Lost Ages!
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    Type: Clan
    Name: PvM
    Region: EU
    Language: English, Swedish (also known as Börk), German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Swahili, anything. Though, we prefer English.
    Difficulty: Hardcore is the only core, more fun that way!
    Description: This is the literal MMO-Champion Players vs Mods clan, people you see from the Players vs Mods thread are present in here, and a few people from other threads aswell. We almost exclusively play on Hardcore, since we discovered that that is the one true fun way to enjoy the game back at lvl 60. We're by no means "Hardcore" (ergo elitist or such, we're rather relaxed) but we prefer to play it on HC. We're therefore also a rather small clan, but quite social. If this is something for you, shoot me a pm.
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    I often post from my mobile device, typos in my posts are 99% likely to be because of that.
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    Honoured Guests

    Type: Clan - Name: Honoured Guests [HG] - Region: NA/AU - Language: English - Difficulty: Hardcore and Softcore


    Honoured Guests (HG) is a newly formed clan created by myself in Australia, hoping to recruit all kinds of members of the English speaking world. The minimum requirement to join this clan is that you simply speak fluent English.

    I have formed this clan myself just recently, on the basis that I'd like to create a larger community (as I am lacking in friends) that will be there for each other, much like a close-knit family (or how the Fairy Tail characters in the Fairy Tail anime treat each other). There are currently no members - or officers - besides myself, so as long as I get to know you properly and I think you're befitting of the task, you may be appointed as a higher ranking member.

    HG expects to deliver a quality gaming experience for those we're affiliated with a Reaper of Souls-based character progression as its main goal, HG will be completing Rifts, Bounties and much more as a group in both Hardcore and Softcore game-types.


    • You must be active, but we do understand what happens when life calls upon us.
    • You must be respectful, mature and courteous towards everybody in the clan.
    • We hope to get some sort of voice communication happening at some point in the future.
    • Negative behavior and attitudes will not be tolerated.
    • There is no age limit, so long as you are conduct yourself in a mature manner.
    • Everybody helps their fellow clan members; if you're unable to help, palm the situation off to someone else that might be able to.
    • Everybody works as a team - it would be preferable for you to play team games with clan members rather than solo.

    Additional Information:

    In addition, I myself have decided that I'm going to create a Hardcore character and level through Story Mode with 3 other players and further down the track, Adventure Mode. Anyone who applies will be able to play Hardcore with me, so long as there is up to 4 players (including me). Those players who join me in this crusade will have the option of becoming an officer of the clan.

    In that regard, there are also some conditions to this 'event'.

    Hardcore Event Details:

    • All 4 of us must level at the same time in the same area beginning from level 1 in Story Mode. If someone has to leave, we stop playing those characters. If you level that character on your own, or with someone else, you will be removed from the leveling group and we will start again.
    • If you die, we will start again (assuming the other members don't mind). If a restart is disagreed upon, we continue on until we all die.
    • You can only play unique classes, for example: there can only be one Monk, or one Crusader and so on and so forth.
    • We will be playing mostly for fun, but do keep in mind that we'd like to be serious about Hardcore so any intentional trolling that causes any of us to lose our progress is frowned upon, and can sometimes result in being kicked from the clan.

    Contact: BattleTag (Lioenix#1563) - MMO-Champion Message (Blitheqt) - E-mail ([email protected])

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    Type: Clan - Name: NephalemSexParty [NSP] - Region: NA - Language: English - Difficulty: Softcore

    Is currently recruiting players of all skill levels. We're looking for Quality over Quantity! (Although both are nice!)

    - Active player (Minimum 2-3 hours a night! We understand / have lives our selves, although.. I do find myself playing for hours upon hours haha.)
    - You can communicate in clan chat (Don't be shy!)
    - Don't be afraid to ask questions! (Builds, Gear, Skills, Classes, Etc!)
    - Solo play is perfectly fine! But if you play with clan members. Share the loot!
    - All acts of harassment will not be tolerated. We are a family. D*cks will be booted.
    - Most important : HAVE FUN!

    We do not tolerate harassment of any form in our community and have dedicated officers that are there to help you when you need it. This makes for a drama-free environment and a much better play experience. Although we do expect you to be respectful, having a bit of fun is 100 % acceptable just don't take it too far!

    Hope to see you soon!

    - Shaded.

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    "Rival" is now recruiting !! We are a New Clan Looking for Active players who aren't shy and have a good base set of skills to excel in the game. We already farm T6 efficiently and are looking for more players who are in a clan who feel there is more to be desired.

    As Patch 2.1 approaches Clans Now will have a chance to Prove how deep their roster is as Tiered Rifts will come into play, This has us Very excited as we hope to find more players just as excited as we are to push the content hard and see if we can become that small group of elite clans that exist.

    Here are Requirements:

    1. Must be Active

    2. Don't be a ghost in Clan chat

    3. Be Torment ready at least as we farm a lot of high torments.

    4. Don't troll your own teammates (ex. join groups without asking)

    5. Help each other out (officers will carry you in higher torments to help gear you faster)

    6. Have fun rifting!!

    Hoping to hear from you all. Just shoot me a Friend request in Game at BloodMyst#1504 Or Loochy#1850 or Loki#11602

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    Type: Clan / Community
    Name: Alma Negra [AN]
    Region: EU
    Language: English (International)
    Difficulty: Hardcore
    Description: Newly founded guild looking for HC mode members for leveling and split bounty farming. You can add me bNet tag is Jace#2369
    Website: *MMO champion does not let me post any kind of links right now :P*

    Requirements to join:

    1. Play HC mode
    2. Having fun when playing. We do not want people who are easily frustrated by the game and/or luck. Play because you like it. Not because you have to.
    3. Willing to progress to higher difficulty settings. If you are at expert do not stay there forever.
    4. Better geared members are not obliged to help lower geared members but they are expected to from time to time. That is the point of being in a clan anyways. Help each other out to become a better team.
    5. Be socially active. Being online 24/7 but never talking in the clan chat and/or posting in the forums does not make you an active part of the clan. Members like these will be warned and may be forced to leave the clan.

    That is all people. See you online!

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    Type: Clan

    Name: Transcended Gaming

    Region: NA

    Language: English, French, Arabic

    Difficulty: Softcore


    1. Paragon requirement: 350+ (exceptions will be made for exceptional players!)
    2. Torment difficulty requirement: 6
    3. MUST apply online
    4. MUST be active and willing to post in a web forum

    If still interested..
    Looking for a T6 clan? Here it is. Interested in Season play and Greater Rift farm groups? Look no further.. 150 members.. Doing T6 clears and will be going to the deepest depths of the greater rifts.. Same class runs to share gear? Let's do it... Want to be a contributing member to an organization and see something in return? We're here... Full clan groups every day all day?...Look no further!
    -Currently looking for T6 capable toons ONLY.
    Hello and thanks for taking time to read this post. I just want to introduce you guys to an organization called Transcended Gaming. We collectively have logged thousands of hours in Diablo 1, 2, 3, Starcraft 1 and 2, World of Warcraft, Everquest, Call of Duty (all associated franchises).

    We are looking for active, mature, established players who understand the importance of a tight knit gaming community. We all come from a clan with over five years of experience in the ARPG/MMO/FPS communities.

    Some benefits of being a member of Transcended Gaming include:
    #1B:SEE #1A
    #2:25 Man Teamspeak3 Server
    #3:Awesome community, mature players, and enjoyable environment of performers
    #4:Be a part of something a contributing member
    #5:Class group farms for gear sharing

    The Process..

    Once application has been submittedl - 3 T6 Rift Runs in which the recruit opens so they are expected to have 12 keystones on-hand and if not need to farm them before proceeding.

    DPS Trial - For Demon Hunter, Wizard and Witch Doctor First 2 Runs are 3 man T6 must be completed in 12 minutes with 5 or less deaths without any help from our 2 guildmates, they are to solo 3 man T6 which any DPS class atm is more than capable of doing.

    Final run is with the 2 guildmates as a regular rift run and the trial is expected to keep up and die 3 or less times and this run should be 10 minutes or less.

    Tank/Melee Bruiser - Monk, Crusader & Barbarian First 2 runs will be 3 man T6 and 1 of the 2 guildmates of ours will run a DPS spec that isn't Mara DH or Jade WD so either a Wiz build or Pet Doc more than likely and the other will just observe.Runs must be done in 14 minutes or less with 3 or less deaths, not dying is more important for a tank/melee than it is for a DPS.

    Final Run will be with both guildmates in any DPS spec of their chosing and should be done in 10 minutes or less and the trial is expected to die 2 or less times. Some anomalies can be forgiven but more than 1 or 2 and it's more than likely due to playstyle or lack of gear.

    If the Rift isn't very dense or the trial does very well we can pull a few things on them and see how they handle it, if they are falling behind we will look for what they are doing wrong or what is wrong with their spec and/or gear.

    Prior to any trial we will also evaluate gear & spec and ask questions about anything out of the ordinary, just because it's different doesn't make it wrong and some diversity is good, but most important is the reason why they chose what they did.

    If a trial fails we will give them a list of what they need to work on, change or what they can do to get to where they need to be and may re-apply 3 days later unless it was a complete failure and it's obvious they are bad or just not up to par with what we want or expect.

    Every trial done is done with awareness to the person and class and spec and not all are equal so there is a little room for diversity and fluctuation but for the most part end game T6 farming specs perform relatively similar...

    A little bit about the rank system...(in-game AND on the clan website!)

    Recruit/Un-Vetted: Try out period of two weeks. This is your opportunity to shine and show us what you are made of! Take all the opportunities you get and show us that you have what it takes to move heaven and hell.

    Member: Proven players with adequate skills and knowledge to tackle the hardest of the hardest hell dogs! You are a pro in your class and game mechanics, nothing baffles you!

    Family / Friends: Self explanatory. Reserved only for family and friends who play D3 on a consistent basis. Inactivity will result in removal.

    Requirement to become a Member: Show ability and willingness to improve and overcome the hardest challenges. You contribute to the organization by website/forum activity. 10-12 MINUTE T6 RIFTS in a party of 3 with ZERO assistance.

    Veterans:Not only have you shown your skills to dominate the hell’s minions but you’ve dedicated your efforts to aid others in their times of need. You’ve placed your clan’s need above yours and dedicated multiple heroes to see your clan’s success defeat the minions of hell!

    Requirement to become a Veteran: Multiple T6 characters you can swap whenever you feel like it! Extensive knowledge of all your class heroes and a member for an extended period of time. Not only do you contribute to the organization by website/forum activity, you also bump clan recruitment threads, recruit solid players, and are a performer in group runs- with minimal deaths. 8 MINUTE T6 RIFTS AND LESS in a party of 3 with ZERO assistance on a minimum of TWO characters.

    If you're still interested...

    We are looking for exceptional players that bring something to the community. Whether it be a good attitude, consistent gaming, a high level of activity, good character, photoshop skills, website development, you name it,YOU can be an instituting and founding member of this new gaming community, if you choose to be one.


    Website: won't let me post...stupid

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    Type: Clan

    Name: Soulstone Brotherhood

    Region: NA

    Language: English

    Difficulty: Softcore


    Active mature T6 Clan Soulstone Brotherhood (SSB) is recruiting now.
    We are looking for high end committed players. If you are looking for more of a casual gaming, it is not probably the one for you. We are a international clan with players from all over the world. English is the preferred language. We are mostly SC guild. [/COLOR]

    Our requirements:
    Must be active on teamspeak.
    We will not tolerate botters!
    Have at least one character capable of playing on Torment 6.
    There will be an initial character assessment. So, please, add me in game: Evermind#1566

    P.S. We are very helpful to each other and [B]elitist mentality is not welcomed!
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    Type: Clan
    Name: Grind Rift Repeat
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Softcore
    Description: "Grind - Rift - Repeat!" That's our motto. We're just a band of people aspirating to grow big! All you need to be is social to join, we'll have a great deal of fun, and rewards!

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    Type: Awesome Clan
    Name: Infernal Flame <Embers>
    Region: US
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Hardcore and Softcore
    Description: Infernal Flame is a large hardcore/softcore clan. We are looking for more members to join that are active, fun, and that also enjoy grouping up. If you're interested in joining a great group of people feel free to apply! (Also, Tsuim likes long walks on the beach.)

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    Type: Friendly clan for all levels / areas
    Name: CODAK2
    Region: US / NZ / Australia
    Language: English
    Difficulty: All levels / areas
    Description: CODAK2 is a friendly helpful clan our motto is that everyone starts somewhere so help is generally available for anyone..

    We are looking for more members to join that are active, fun, and that also enjoy grouping up, we have no restriction on anything, any aspect of the games is covered.

    If you're interested in joining a great group of people feel free to apply! Search CODAK2 in the game or look for our new Google+ page.

    The only restrictions we have are for loudmouth / trouble making people and antisocial people, neither will be tolerated

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    Type: Community
    Name: Fever
    Region: NA / EU
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Softcore
    Description: Hey guys we are a gaming community with 1500+ members spread throughout tons of different games online! we use teamspeak and we love to just have fun and play games. Very helpful and friendly community. you won't be disappointed at all! hope to see you guys soon!!! just put a application on the forums and i hope to see you soon!

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