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    Type: Clan / Community
    Name: no0b Clutch Gamerz <nCg>
    Region: NA
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Hardcore
    Description: see below.

    Hi all,

    no0b Clutch Gamerz is recruiting. We are a seasonal only HC clan.
    We are looking for the best players to add to our roster to push Leaderboard progression.
    We are not a casual clan and are very selective of who we choose to join us.
    Doing this makes us a very healthy, mature, and drama free clan.

    We are looking for top players on the leaderboards already, as well as really good active players.
    If you are in the top 50 in solo or group leaderboards, we are highly interested in you & your friends.

    Other requirements:
    1. 600+ paragon.
    2. play & be active a lot aka be a degen lol.
    3. no drama, non elitist.
    4. know what you are doing.
    5. have TeamSpeak with a mic.

    The first step is to join our recruitment community called Join NcG
    In game… Shift O, click FIND, change All Categories to Hardcore, and in the filter type ncg and click on Search.
    Once you request to join & are accepted, please read the news posts on how and when recruitment is done. If you have any additional questions afterwards, any officer can assist you.

    We all like to have fun, laugh & hang out on Teamspeak, at the same time, push high GR’s.
    Thank you for your interest in nCg.
    We look forward to seeing you!

    TOPDOG nCg Officer

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    [New][Season]<Golden Rose> Is recruiting NOW!

    About us

    We are a very new clan.This was made for players that want maximise there skill in the season.We will do this by using team speak to have the best communication and by using that we can maximise our capability.This clan is for very active and dedicated players .This clan is for people who want to socialise as well as achieving their goals every season..So if you want to build a brilliant and vocal community apply at the bottom of this page.

    What we want

    Reliable and active players.
    Teamspeak users (Requirement)
    Dedicated to the community
    Playing Diablo for more than a year.
    300+ paragon (S3+)

    Add: Solas101#2547
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    There's a thread dedicated to recruitment right here!

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    Hello, I'm starting a clan for one and all! I know quit a bit about the game and i'd like to help my members any way i can! powerlevels, gear checks, rifts, gr's. ubers and everything else.

    About me: I started playing just a bit before seasons were a thing and have since become very motivated to push myself to be the best i can. I main a monk p908 currently #992 on the solo monk leaderboard, and a 4 man clear of 5:30 at GR68.

    I'm looking for new players to help me get the clan started and Growing! I play upwards of 12+ hours a day everyday so don't feel like you will be alone if you are one of the first few to join. I'd like to think I'm a very considerate and fair leader (why i started my own can) Tell me what you're looking for and if i can make it happen i will!

    General Info:
    Seasonal mainly
    Server: Americas
    Clan Created: 9/29/2015
    Mumble Voice

    If you are interested in joining add Madcat#1283 and say hello!

    Clan Rules:
    Being an arrogant prick will not be tolerated, there is a difference between being elite and being an elitist.
    No out right negativity towards anyone because of race, religion, gender, or any other such trait. This includes slurs against certain races or gender preferences/romantic orientations.
    Don’t scam or beg for items.
    No spamming in the clan chat, forum, or offsite.
    As a member keep in mind you don't just represent yourself as an individual but also The clan, keep this in mind when dealing with others and communities.
    Don't take things personally, Joke em' if they can't take a F%ck

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    Type: Clan

    Name: The Marauders

    Region: NA / EU

    Language: English

    Difficulty: Seasonal Softcore and Hardcore, NS as well


    The Marauder's are an International Multi-Gaming clan devoted to ensuring that every member is at the least, decent, in whatever game they join for. Should that member not be decent, we will live train them to become so. This is a mature, fun, and skilled clan, and we plan on keeping it this way for the duration of our time. If you're interested in joining The Marauder's, please make sure that you have a Teamspeak 3 Client Downloaded as well as a working microphone and headset. Why headset? Because otherwise we can hear feedback, your neighbor's screwing and quite often babies crying. While The Marauder's are all about %#@%#@ and pillaging, crying babies are just too much.

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    Joining Fever's D3 Team!


    FeverClan is a 7 year old mature massive multi-gaming clan. With over
    1000+ active members, FeverClan is a one of the largest multi-gaming
    clans in existence. Our #1 goal is to bring a fun environment to our
    members and guests whether they decide to join us or not. We aren't just
    some ordinary run of the mill online forum community and as such hold
    our members to a higher standard. We do this because we want everyone’s
    time at Fever to be above the rest and so we remain a top notch


    FeverClan has an extremely active forum with dozens of new threads per
    day and hundreds of new threads per month. We do not censor our members
    nor do we lock threads. We believe this support the community in a way
    that creates an active and friendly environment. Here is a screenshot of
    our forum statistics from January to show our forum activity:

    Along with 1000+ members, fever also has a large officer staff. Our
    officers are friendly, non-abusive, and answer any questions members or
    guest alike may have. They will also help solve any issues or problems
    that may arise. Below is the updated Website Statistics.

    FeverClan | Gaming Community StatisticsFeverClan | Gaming Community Statistics

    Threads 67,596 Posts 551,775 Members 52,557 Active Members 2,631

    Average Registrations 16.96 Per Day, 118.72 Per Week, 508.78 Per Month

    Average Posts 460.20 Per Day, 3,221.37 Per Week, 13,805.88 Per Month

    Average Threads 56.38 Per Day, 394.64 Per Week, 1,691.31 Per Month

    FeverClan has an active forum/website and an active staff, but it also
    has a very active teamspeak. Our teamspeak server is one of the most
    active out there. We are in the 100th percentile and sit in the top 100
    of all teamspeak servers worldwide. We believe that socialization and
    cooperation between fever members are important.


    As a massive mutli-gaming community, fever plays many different online multiplayer games. Our comprehensive list is below.


    - Battlefield Series

    - Counter Strike

    - Call of Duty

    - Destiny

    - Evolve

    - APB

    - H1Z1

    - DayZ

    - Rust


    - Dota 2

    - League of Legends

    - Smite

    - Heroes of the storm

    - Infinite Crisis


    - Diablo 3

    - Path of Exile

    - Dungeons & Dragons

    - Minecraft

    - ArcheAge

    - ESO

    - Guild Wars 2

    - World of Warcraft

    - SWTOR


    - Starcraft II

    - Hearthstone


    - Mobile & Apps

    - Forum Arcade

    - Playstation

    - Xbox

    - Nintendo


    While FeverClan is welcoming and enjoyable for casual members and
    guests, it also sponsors and encourages competitive players and teams.

    FeverClan has multiple squads which are professional or
    semi-professional teams. Any group of members can create a squad and
    once they do, they will be given a private teamspeak channel, for
    practice and matches, as well as their own private forum to discuss
    progress or success.

    We also host many tournaments for various games and great rewards for
    winning. These run around the clock and many members have a lot of fun
    during our clan sponsored tournaments.

    Not good at a certain game? No problem! Fever has a coaching department
    dedicated to coaching and helping players who wish to improve in their
    selected game. We have dozens of coaches who are readily available and
    can accommodate any schedule.


    Fever also has community coin (reward) system where you can earn coins
    for attending game nights, posting on forums, recruiting new members,
    and many other ways.

    These coins can be used for various things. Want more games? You can use
    Fever coins to buy games in auctions held on the forums! Want your own
    private teamspeak channel? You can buy one with Fever coins! Want to
    mess around with friends? You can change their avatar, sig, or nickname
    on the forums using Fever coins!


    Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 15 years or older.
    You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and
    then completing an interview on our teamspeak server. The interview is
    quick and nothing to worry about!

    Interviews: Conducted on our teamspeak server ( )


    Thank you for your time and I hope you choose to join the pandemic! If you have any questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

    -|Fever| Mossyoak
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    Type: Clan
    Name: Doureios Ippos or DI for short.
    Region: EU
    Language: English
    Difficulty: Anything goes.
    Description: We are an international clan, our aim is to increase our paragon levels and get more gear overall. We are open for everyone either you are new or veteran player, we don't have specific rules so just be nice to each other and help your clan mates as much as possible.

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    Type : Clan

    Name : Amigos

    Region : US / Australia

    Language : English

    Description : Hi, We have just reformed and are looking for members. We are a fun, no pressure clan, season or non season doesn't matter

    We don't have any requirements only that you are polite and play along with other clan members nicely. Any skill level is accepted (we see it that everyone starts somewhere), and any age accepted as in older folks, we have some over 50's.

    We have one or two lower level players and also high level grift players, trying to make it a variety bunch so members have more choices.

    Either look us up by name or me belveder#6434 or CSBennett#1905

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    Type: Clan and Community
    Name: Guild Medieval
    Region: NA and EU
    Language: English mostly
    Difficulty: Softcore and Hardcore
    Founded in 2001, Guild Medieval is well known as a haven, or sanctuary if you will, for mature gamers. We are family-friendly, helpful, and courteous. Many of our members form friendships that last beyond the games we play. Some have even gotten married!

    To save you some time reading, we do not allow swearing or off-color language/jokes. Or temper tantrums when someone dies or causes a wipe for that matter. Not that our members are all saints, but this isn't the venue for that. We all practice courtesy and the no naughty language rule is consistently and swiftly enforced.

    We have both Hardcore and Softcore players, Casual and Non-Casual players, Seasonal and Non-Seasonal players -- pretty must every play-style is encouraged and appreciated within the guild.

    Website: www . guildmedieval . com (Take the spaces out... cant post the link yet, new account restrictions)

    Click "JOIN" on our homepage and fill out the application. All serious applications are considered and replied to--this means filling out the reason for joining with more than just a couple sentences. Your comments will be on public display to our full members. This will be your first impression to the guild, so make it a good one. You'll also be asked to write an introduction thread once you join where you can provide more information about your hobbies, gaming history, etc. Responses are usually within 48 hours (could be longer over weekends). Reply here if you expected a reply and never got one (and check your junk mail folder in case).

    Once your application is approved, you will be sent a code of conduct/rules agreement to reply to, and then we will give you access to our forums and friends list. The rules and policies agreement is long and stringent. We find that making everything we expect from members clear and upfront prevents a lot of misunderstanding and drama down the road. You'll find we're quite different even from most guilds that brand themselves "mature" and "drama-free". If that makes you unsure about joining, we understand. There are other clans/guilds out there that would be a better match for you, and that's better for everyone involved. If though you understand and appreciate what we're all about, by all means, come on in.

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    A bit about the clan: - <SOS> Stack OnSmiley was formed Pre ROS by a group of players from the Stack On Smiley guild on the Deepwood Server in Rift
    - We are a group of relaxed players on the NA server.
    - We have a Mumble server, which we would prefer you use. ( Mumble information will be given on acceptance into <SOS>)
    - Trashtalk/Trolling is encouraged, within reason.(don't be a dick)
    - We Run Clan rift groups daily
    -We play mostly Softcore Seasons with a group of players that play Hardcore seasons as well
    - We like to progress, and farm relatively efficiently.
    - Our core players have T13 on speed efficient farm.
    - Willing to give advice about the classes we know best and help you gear up.

    Our expectations of you:
    - Paragon 300
    - Have a basic understanding of yours class.
    - Willing to progress and learn your class to the best of your ability.
    - Willing to party with others.
    - Pass on loot you do no need.
    - Be able to speak and write in English
    - NO DRAMA!! and have FUN

    Feel free to leave a reply on our website on the recruitment forums
    or you can contact myself or one of the officers in game, through a PM/
    and or friend request and we will get back to you as as soon as we can.

    <SOS> website
    In game names are:

    Clan leader: Trigger#1176
    Officer: LazyBum#1308
    Officer: Stealthy#1549
    Officer: Sharky#1456
    Officer: Nighthorror#1270
    Officer: Vinnyvichie#1100
    Officer: CupAsoup#1763
    Officer: Vanco#1698
    Officer: Shorts#1954
    Officer: Ritzler#1708
    Officer: Reanna#1768
    Officer: Apo#1171
    Officer: SkullnBon3s#1526
    Officer: Vanco#1698

    Hope to see you in Game, Thanks Nighthorror

    Pie Chart-US/Firetree #10US/#39world 25man 8/8HM

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    Hey there, I started <AF> "Arreat's Fortitude" cause it really sucks playing by yourself and I have been in some high end clans where its very anti-social and toxic.

    My goals for this clan is to have plenty of active members that can either help out or be helped with everything related to maximizing your character to its full potential.
    We have a discord server which you can join any time and ask for some help or just hangout with us while we grind some paragons.
    You can download the discord app on your phone or PC/MAC or just connect via your browser at

    I plan to go right into season 10 with a new barbarian and grind those levels asap.
    I will be willing to help power level and get you some XP and gear too.

    To join clan just search for either "AF" or "Arreat's Fortitude" or you can add me to BTAG -> Azotorp#1368

    See you in-game!

    My Main Char Profile:

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    Type: Clan
    Name: Heavy Metal Heroes
    Region: US
    Language: English
    Difficulty: All Levels + Serious GRift pushing
    Description: Hello! <Heavy Metal Heroes> are recruiting metal fans into our ranks! We have a clan Discord, and a music bot who we can listen to music together on (or mute if preferred). I wanted to start a guild with like minded people, and what's more evil than heavy metal? I'm a returning long time diablo fan excited for the new micro-expansion, and i would love to push some greaters in the upcoming seasons.

    Our play times are Eastern standard Time (-05:00 UTC)

    Right now we only require you to have a microphone to join, and are 18+.

    Contact me sithuaye#1123
    (I can give you my discord from there)
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    Relentless Force <RF> Looking to build our Second clan 200+ Active weekly players

    Relentless Force <RF> Currently breaking 200+ Members active weekly and due to invite requests we are forced to fill a second clan.

    We established RF back in early 2016 and have been growing ever since.

    We have over 100+ online members daily and are aiming to exceed higher, with several groups in the top 25 top 50 and top 100.

    We also have semi - casual players who just enjoy socializing with friends over the past 10 seasons but are still active.

    Team speak is highly recommend due to group pushing, bounties, or just for a good time.

    Season 10 we had over 20 x 4 player groups pushing for Paragon 1000 in the first week.

    Currently on Diablo Ladder are ranked top 5 for Greater Rift Clears.

    Both guilds are merged into 1 Community chat and we will soon be transferring over to Discord for easier group setups.


    ***Paragon 300+***

    ***Meta capable toon***

    ***Non-Active for no longer than 15 days***

    Regardless if your semi-new to Diablo 3 or going on your 10th season we got a spot for you.

    (If you feel RF is a good home for you please search in clan's for Relentless Force or Relentless Force 2)

    or if you have a few questions please feel free to add one of our Recruiters: Basque#1424 or Morph509#1849

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    Cool [US] Seasonal SC <AF> Arreat's Fortitude LFM for S17 Metas

    <AF> Arreat's Fortitude is recruiting for Season 17 meta speed & push runs and we are looking for players who will be active through out the season.

    If your looking to play with experienced Diablo 3 players and have reliable players to group up with then this is the clan for you.

    We do not have any requirements other than being active, social and play to the best of your ability.

    We highly encourage you to join our Discord server and either start your own meta group or join one that is in need of people.

    We will be leveling in 4 man groups the moment Season 17 starts!
    Join early and find a group!

    Discord Server:

    To join our clan, just press Shift + O and click "Find Clan" button and search with the filter "Arreat's Fortitude" and then request an invite.

    If we happen to be full, request and invite and then post in our #invite-waitlist discord channel with your battle tag.

    You may also add my BTAG: Azotorp#1368

    Look forward to seeing you all online!

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