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    Quote Originally Posted by Winter Blossom View Post
    Anyone else ever do this or thought about doing it?
    I have done it a couple times... I deleted a 85 level Druid (In Cataclysm), level 80 Death Knight (In WotLK) and a lot of 50-80 characters.

    Reason? Well, I just hate when something is unfinished and I realized that I never really enjoyed those classes. I simply enjoyed the leveling, once it was at max or I got bored I deleted them... Sure sometimes I regret it, but I am person who like to focus on one thing. And I have strange feeling of guilt when I see characters just sitting there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonecloak View Post
    Lol your still failing to understand the very simple idea that he gets an urge to play his alts. When he doesn't want to. So deleting them would help. If you have a weakness with donuts, are you going to put them right in your face? No obviously not.
    You just need to learn to resist the urge.

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    Believe me when I write it here, you will regret it.
    "Ascend may you find no resistance. Know that you made such a difference. All you leave behind will live to the end. The cycle of suffering goes on. But memories of you stay strong. Someday I too will fly and find you again."
    Alter Bridge - Blackbird

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    Delete toons... Especially not high lvl ones.. You might wanna play them later.. And you don't have too max gear every toon.
    Maby you wanna play them in WoD?

    On azjol-nerub i got around 6 different hunters around 15-20 xD nd i could never imagine deleting them... Unless i need a char slot(since i do hit the 50 char limit very often) Deleteing toons is stupid
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