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    My "drama free" guild kind of exploded tonight.... I have a question.

    I'll make this as short as I can. Still might be kind of long.

    For years I have been GMing a drama free guild. I have had essentially 2 rules for the guild over that time.

    1. Don't be an idiot or cause drama.
    2. If you don't play for 5 or 6 months, you get removed.
    3* I have a "rule" that we don't knowingly recruit kids..... but that is not a rule that you can know if it is being followed or not. ( edit here )

    Those are pretty much my rules.

    Anyway, I have had a long term "assistant" GM rank, with the same guy in it for many years..... First 3 years he was awesome. Then "life" took over..... he and his wife had another baby, his business grew a ton, and all was great for him. But at that point he chose to barely play anymore. He would take months off at a time. Still, I kept his spot as my assistant GM. I even gave him the GM spot for a short time when I was burned out..... he gave it back because he didn't have enough time to play.

    A few days ago, my other assistant quit because I booted a friend of his who had not been on in months, and he got pissed about that. The guy I booted was not a real team player anyway, when he played, but he wasn't a jerk or anything. Anyway, this assistant removed all of his characters from the guild a few days ago - except one..... I have no idea why he didn't take that one out. Had I noticed, I would have booted it because I believe in cutting off they head of the hyrda before another grows.

    Anyway, the guy came into guild chat, said some nasty things and went silent for a long time...... I was going to boot him with my GM character when I looged my GM toon in.

    Both assistants went silent.....

    Then the first guy started giving me issues about my "stupid" rule of not wanting kids in the guild...... I have always not wanted kids in the guild unless they were the kids of guild members. I was 100% cool with that..... and I mean 100% cool with that. After a few minutes of his giving me BS about that and other things he didn't like, he told me that he put a ticket in to have me removed as GM. I told him that it was simple, he doesn't have to like my rules, but since I am the GM, he can follow them or leave.

    This, from a guy who, in the last year has signed in like 20x.

    Then he said, "I will have the other members send in tickets too"...... well, in a way, that is laugh out loud funny...... 80% of the current people in the guild have no idea who he is. So, I booted him and all of his alts.

    So, my question is, I didn't do anything that could have Blizzard remove me, did I?

    This is so sad, yet maddening. For years this was a wonderful guild with the best members I have ever known in a guild. I have been playing WoW since about week 3 after it went live. I have been in probably 25 guilds prior to joining the guild that I became eventually the GM of. I never wanted to be a GM, but I saw great potential in many of the members in that guild, that when the GM wanted to step down, and asked me to take over, I jumped at the chance.... and I have been GM for several years.
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    Blizzard VERY VERY rarely steps in for guild related issues. Even more so when it's just inner-guild politics. You cannot and will not receive any trouble for what you did. Period.

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    this got to be a joke thread

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    As for being dethroned from a guild, you have to be inactive for so long before they can, unless the find some other justifiable reason to. Just sounds like the guy was butthurt and was trying to act out to intimidate you.
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    People try to scare you with the "Me and everyone I know is putting in a ticket" bullshit. Ain't a thang

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    While from this you don't sound like the most swell guild leader, there was nothing a GM could've done so you're safe. They could put in 50 tickets and it would likely not change a thing. Also - you said you've two rules for the guild, but went on to list three rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by moveth View Post
    Blizzard VERY VERY rarely steps in for guild related issues. Even more so when it's just inner-guild politics. You cannot and will not receive any trouble for what you did. Period.

    Yea that dude was just upset and desperate to effect you emotionally in some way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IHateJayWilson View Post
    this got to be a joke thread

    I didn't waste all that typing on a joke.

    My guess is / was that there would be no issue...... but thinking that 2 people would put in a ticket might mean something.

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    Guy sounds like a jerk. I wouldn't worry about it, just an empty threat.

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    Blizzard has said it many times, the guild in their eyes belongs to the guild leader. Outside of not being online for extended periods or violating some of Blizzards rules they wont get involved with much of anything guild related. People can be idiots and pout like children sometimes, write it off to that and move on.
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    Thanks all..... I'm feeling much better now.

    I pretty much assumed Blizzard would not get involved, but wasn't 100% sure.

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    here's the thing. If i wanted to make a guild that only had members who were into blue waffles and believed jesus was resurrected as a great white shark...i could. I wouldn't have many members but as long as I don't spew hatred into /2 or /1 and what ever happens in /g chat stays in /g one can do anything. I can make a guild as exclusive as I want to a point where I can say that I only want white kids from ages 16 to 17 who live down the street and hate everyone else who isn't like them. It's irrelevant if you don't like it you can leave plain and simple

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    Been the GM of a HM raiding guild now for almost 7 years egos fly but we are also very low drama, we also don't allow members under the age of 18. That doesn't mean we haven't bent that rule but younger players typically are quicker to act up and get impatient vs the more experienced older ones so it works out.

    As far as this guy going off in guild chat all your alts should be at CO-GM rank (as high as possible) and make a guild rank basically called timeout which doesn't have the privilege to talk in guild chat. Whenever a member acts up or crosses that line I nuke them down to the timeout rank to basically say it's my guild not yours shut the fuck up. Works wonders.

    Finally with this ticket, if more than 1 ticket lost you your guild I would have been sitting in storm wind panhandling for charter signatures 100times over in the last year alone. It's your guild you are the boss, be everyone's friend but don't be afraid to lay down the law. It's a really shit job but someone has to do it. Best of luck with it all and the best thing you can do now from GM to anther is have a short memory forget this happened and move on ASAP.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seezer View Post
    People try to scare you with the "Me and everyone I know is putting in a ticket" bullshit. Ain't a thang
    It's like kids on Xbox live saying they're going to hack you
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    You didn't do anything wrong and you know it. Why make a thread about it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by get big or die mirin View Post
    You didn't do anything wrong and you know it. Why make a thread about it?
    You know, I wasn't 100% sure..... but the thread did prove to be a bit cathartic. It felt good to vent and then find out I was correct.

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    Just remove him if he's not much meaning to your guild. Kinda hard for a non guildee to get GM from you if he's not in your guild.

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    Bear in mind that when a player submits a ticket for something ridiculous (like ordinary guild membership policies), the player submitting the ticket(s) can wind up with the penalty.

    OP isn't doing anything wrong by any stretch of the imagination. The GM is free to run the guild however he wants, as long as it doesn't outright violate Blizzard policy.

    The people submitting tickets to have the GM dethroned are at risk of having their accounts actioned if they persist with that nonsense.

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    The instant you booted him, you rendered any chance (slim as it was, there are already GM booting tools in place, I find it highly unlikely blizz would overstep those) he may have had with a ticket null and void. Soon as a GM see the ticket and looks at the toon they'll dismiss it as "you're not in that guild, you have no rights to make actions towards it"

    Your guild, your rules.
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    Ignore. "I'll put a ticket on you" is basically "I'll tell on you nyah nyah" kind of childish approach which should give you a reason to boot him ASAP. Your guild, your rules.
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