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    When do you think the WoD beta/preorder will come out?

    A lot of people seemed to have thought last week. When do you think?

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    Never, I hope.

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    For some reason they are waiting to release preorders. It honestly should have been a month ago.
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    I have a feeling that they are scrambling trying to figure out what to do with the fresh level 90s.

    There was much backlash from one side of the gaming community about allowing level 90s to be sold,
    then when the flashed a quick price tag there was near-rioting from the other side saying it was too high.

    They know if they release the original price close to half of the community will be pissed about the price
    but if they lower it the other half will riot.

    This is the reason I feel they have delayed the release of the preorder and the pay-to-90-feature thus far.

    In all honesty, I wouldn't be that shocked if the preorder was released within the next 2 weeks
    but the pay-to-90 feature was delayed inevitably as they feel that is the way to incur the least amount of consumer rage.

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    Beta in April..
    Pre-order in June..
    Expansion in August or September..

    Nothing else makes sense..
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