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    (Ret) Folding T16 4p into AW + SW

    Wondering what to do in the event that the 4-piece DS procs during my AWSW rotation on single-target encounters. My current clcret build:

    inq inqes ds_4t16_5hp tv5 how ds_4t16 cs j exo tv3 ss

    It usually has DS come up in the filler spot, in place of CS, but should I use it at that time, on single-target bosses? Or should I ignore it until my AWSW cooldown is complete?

    And another quick one: I see that many say (during AWSW) to use J as the filler in place of CS, but I've never determined why. And should I add jaw (or ANY +aw combo, for that matter) to my clcret build?

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    DS hits harder then TV single target with a proc. Figure out what that means for the rotation

    - - - Updated - - -

    its also in the opening post in the huge 350 page thread on how to play ret. Hurp hurp

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