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    from what i rememebr from progress my guild had average dps of +/-220k on garosh normal but component of it was defintly aoe from p1 so u need around 200k to clear normal i would say +/- 175 k up to garosh. all those who claim how they had higher numebrs were simply padding meters all along ,

    but i guess its nice to stroke ur epens when most of those who do, play in hardcore guilds not in one of average hc guild which is now stuck on thok hc or siegecrafter hc.

    if u are a really good player just admit it openly and dont pretend how "shitty" u are and how eveyrbody around u should do exackt ur numebrs when u play in top 0.5 % of raiders. its just showing how small person u are in reality not how modest u are when u twist facts to put others in bad spot deliberatly

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    Pointless since the DPS varies on the bosses...

    The most fair ones to measure would be Malkorok and Iron Juggernaut. Fights like Galakras can be from 350k-750k depending if you "cheese" it or not.

    Single target I would say anything above 400k is good (from a heroic raiders perspective) but then again some classes do more dps then others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlzone View Post
    As far as I'm aware that is not the case. Being purified should only cause you to do normal damage. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here please.
    Hmm. How you didn't notice is a bit worrying.

    You start the fight with a debuff that reduces damage done to the boss by 50%. It will stay this way until you get phased into the other realm and complete the challenge set before. At which point you'll do 25% extra damage to the boss.
    I'm not going to rub it in, just give up trying to impress everyone in this thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anzen View Post
    Hmm. How you didn't notice is a bit worrying.
    I'm not going to rub it in, just give up trying to impress everyone in this thread.
    Jesus mate what the hell. Honest mistake - I wasn't aware of it.
    I was not trying to "impress" anyone in this thread. I just provided my dps estimate (which was too high since it was based off wrong numbers) as evidence as to why I was so curious about your statement:
    At my item level (578), I'm guessing I should be sustaining almost 500k then?
    Also you are aware that Norushen was changed during the second week of heroics, right? I guess that could have confused me.

    Just a tip: I think that you should stop using condescending statements such as
    Don't mean to burst your bubble
    and your whole last post towards people that have done nothing to insult you whatsoever.

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    Checked each first kill on heroic and this is what my DPS looked like (mage). Hope it helps.

    1. broken log (lol 500k deeeps)
    2. 293,950 DPS (Arcane) 552 ilvl
    3. 192,377 DPS (Frost) 556 ilvl
    4. 254,660 DPS (Arcane) 559 ilvl
    5. 251,776 DPS (Arcane) 561 ilvl
    6. 198,018 DPS (Arcane) 561 ilvl
    7. 325,729 DPS (Frost) 561 ilvl
    8. no log
    9. 295,772 DPS (Frost) 562 ilvl
    10. 257,758 DPS (Frost) 563 ilvl
    11. 280,222 DPS (Frost) 567 ilvl
    12. 290,297 DPS (Frost) 571 ilvl
    13. 303,905 DPS (Frost) 571 ilvl
    14. 311,764 DPS (Frost) 573 ilvl

    Edit: It's 10 man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by restoxpresso View Post
    I'm sorry guys, I didn't mean to come off as arrogant.

    I play a Balance Druid, and I seriously can't see the problem with doing 350k DPS? I mean, it's not that hard, some classes might have problems pulling those numbers, but 350k isn't impossible for me to do, and we're talking single-target fights like Jugger and Malkorok.
    What's happening in this thread is that people in extremely good guilds are giving their real numbers in normal gear. However, their real numbers in normal gear will be much higher than mine even if the skill delta is certainly not 50k. That's because they play with outrageously good dps players and I play with more normal players (only two of us pre-pot for every fight, for example).

    The shorter the fight, the higher the dps because heroism becomes a greater percentage of the fight for that group.

    So their numbers will be correct--for them. But wildly off from the expectations of more normal raiders (Dzidek's guild looks stupid-good from where I sit; it probably looks stupid-good from where almost everyone sits).

    Raidbots numbers for 10m, for instance, show 250k average for a combat rogue on normal 10m; 270 for combat rogue in 25m. I do around 300k but we use a 3 tank strategy since we suck and that makes the fight longer with more potential for dps mistakes (forgetting to retalent shadowstep, doh!) and in general lowering the damage for everyone.

    I don't know how accurate raidbots is these days but those numbers are probably about right. I really think this is a case of who you raid with changes those numbers quite seriously.

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    Don't forget, DPS absolutely balloons with loot with the current stat inflation. The difference between 10 ilvls, when played correctly, is massive.

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    I did the math on a number of the heroic bosses (25man), assuming 6 healers, you need a raid average (counting tanks) of 265k dps to kill right on the enrage. This is true for most of the first 7 or so bosses.

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